About the blog

I blog about food.
I'm not a "reading" kind of person and I know food sometimes can be hard to be describe unless you are  super good in writing, which I'm not. Sometimes when I search for a place to eat, I will look up online and read about the reviews on Urbanspoon. (Most of the time) But you know, sometimes I want to have a look at how the chef have their food presented. It's important to have GOOD LOOKING food don't you think? It creates appetite! That is why I have decided to take photos of it and when somebody stumble across my site while looking for a restaurant to have dinner or something, they will have an idea on how it looks like. Of course, I will tell you which one is my favourite dish if I get to steal from others. By others means those people who went dinner with me, not some strangers :)
By the way, you can find a list of restaurant that I've been to on the right side of my blog .

I blog about the character name Mantou.
I created this character and her name is Mantou. Mantou is actually a chinese word meaning Bun. You know, those ones that sells in dim sum restaurant? Cha siu bao or whatever you call it. Well, mine is a plain Bun.
Mantou reflects my mood every now and then in my blog. The mood is for myself to know and keep. Probably only Joe will know everything because he can read my mood easily.
I draw Mantou using a mouse. So please forgive my retarded drawing. If you want to donate me a drawing tablet, I will be very happy to receive it :)
Take a look at my handmade Mantou doll! It's my first handcrafted soft toy :)
Update: Unfortunately I haven't been drawing Mantou for quite a while now :P Ops! 

I blog about my love for photography.
I love to photograph moments. Love the natural shots. I take wedding photos, couples, children, family, places and more. Just look through my blog or visit my facebook page  album.

I blog about my cake creations.
I am in love with cake decorating! It is like meditation for me hahaha
I have been making cute cakes for my readers and I'm glad that they love my work of art on cakes! It is such a wonderful thing to do because I love seeing their expressions when they see my cakes! Thanks to my readers for supporting me! ^_^ 

I blog about themed parties.
As you know I love pretty and cute things.. I will never let a good opportunity slip away from me when it comes to birthday party decorations! I've mostly done adult themed parties like Casino night, Soccer themed, Painting themed, Halloween, Christmas in July, Japanese, Vintage, Healthy Fast food and many more!! 

I blog about random stuff.
Other than wanting people drool all over my food photos, I want people especially my family and friends to know that I'm doing well, my life in Perth, my traveling experience, my new hobby, new interest, my feelings, my shopping, my creations and so much more!
Of course, some of you might want to know what to do in Perth or even where to go on days that you have got nothing to do! Hopefully my blog will give you an idea on what to do and what Perth is like.

Why is it call My Wey of Life?
Wey (薇) is actually my name. My family calls me Wey Wey.
I think this pretty much tells you why is Wey spells in an E not A. :)

I hope you like my blog :)
Have a nice day everyone!!! xoxo

Shoot me an email if you have any questions!

Happy reading!

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