Tuesday, September 20, 2016


*Just realised I wrote this post last year and didn't post it up! So there you go!
Have I show you my baby girl Bella Boo?

She is the best thing ever!

This is when I got her on the 7th Jun 2015. She was 1 year old that time.


Tiny little girl isn't she.

I never thought I would love a dog so much!!
I have dogs before but I never knew how to teach them or guide them. I just play with them whenever I like , like a toy. Which I feel so bad about now.

I remember when I was young, I really want a dog so badly, I kept disturbing my sister to go to the pet shop. nearly every weekend! She knows I really like the pups, so she got me a puppy. A very cute puppy. A yorkshire terrier. His name was Miki. He was my baby that time. Unfortunately, I left home and went to Perth to further my studies, and that was when Miki passed away due to a surgery.  :(

Anyway, back to Bella. I found her from Gumtree.


A family of 4 didn't have the time to take care of her and felt bad for her, so they decided to sell it to a better family who will have more time to be with her. *me me me!! *

So there you go! 

Bella has a nice bath and hair cut.

Bella sun tanning 

Bella waiting for me to open the durian. 

After a few weeks of training with me, she now knows around 30 commands. 
What a smart little girl!