Friday, March 20, 2015

Dreams that warned me

I had a weird dream today.

I was dreaming about going to a competition ..probably swimming? I can't remember.. 
I was driving and I was on a curve bridge road, bottom is the river. for some reason It was either I drove  a bit too fast or the road is too slippery,my car skidded, crash the fencing, me and the car just went down the river! It was pretty scary. Before my car sink, I managed to get out of the car and I was holding my phone. Try my best to swim to the shore and try to call Joe but it just won't work. in my dream the phone just couldn't  call out. 

I looked at my car, lucky enough it didn't sink but very close to the shore, so I quickly pull my car up.

next thing I know is I dream about totally different story.

I was with my trainer and another girl. my trainer (apparently is my swimming teacher) congrats me because I won a second place medal! but actually I didn't win it at all! I told my trainer that it's impossible it's mine because I was in a accident during that time and didn't make it. but we looked at the medal and thought so who's medal isit?

ding ding ding ding ding..

I woke up by my alarm.

Told joe about the story and he thinks that I just stressed over work or money.

Didn't think much about it and brought him to work. 

On my way back home at riverside drive..

I saw a construction hat on the road and thought .. Yea.. Shud be alright to just drive over it.

Guess what.. It got stuck under my car and making such a loud noise when I drive! No choice but to stop and try to get it out.

Used a stick and umbrella. Can't.

Called  Joe and roadside assistant. He is a bit too far and apparently I don't have it roadside assistant ! wanna cryyyyyyyyy

Then a guy from the other side of the road drove passed and asked me to drive forward and turn into the side road for safety.

Dragged the stupid construction hat underneath my car making so much noise and managed to turn in.

Got down the car and try to poke the hat out again. Honestly at that time.. I have used about 10mins to try poke it out as I couldn't reach it. Can't lie down cuz I'm wearing a dress.. Fml.. that 10 mins feels like an hour because I am at the main road freaking out.

So lucky ... A man drove passed me and asked if I'm okay. I told him what happened and he helped me to get the hat out. 

thank god have him during that time.. Got himself abit wet because had rained. 

the hat is out finally. Thank you so much for your help this morning! 

this is the hat that got stuck underneath my car.

Ironically it is from QTM Quality Traffic Management.
Well...... !!

So .... Does it relates to my dream? river and accident and no calling for help.

What a morning!