Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beau Est Mien, William St, Northbridge

Today, I found something really interesting in Northbridge! Well for me anyway haha

I passed by this shop while I was driving down William Street. It's a print and design shop named Beau Est Mien. As a ex graphic designer, my eyes instantly glued to the shop. I have to admit I am not a fantastic illustrator nor designer although I am a graphic designer lol.. like my mom said to me few days ago on the phone.. I have sent you to study graphic design for 5 years and now you are doing cakes!?  LOL.. yea mommy.. hehe... graphic design is not my thang anymoooooo...  

But!!! I am still in love with papers! I have a whole bucket of wrapping papers, stacks of coloured paper in my cupboard, photo paper, printing paper, crepe, glass whatever you name it! I have it all!! probably just not in every colour :P

I just think paper is the most versatile thing in the world! I can do so many things out of it. Good thing I studied design and I know how to use the software.. from that I can create basically everything! Especially for the parties that me and my friends have all these while.. paper and printer, I can make buntings, cards, menu, my takoyaki stall !

Anyway.. I wanted to let you know this shop that I found today!!

Just a few shops away from William Topp.

Shop name Beau Est Mien. Check out their website here.

Basically, Beau Est Mien is a print making studio and a shop selling Magali Dincher's designs.
Her stuff is quirky and creative, totally loving it! Go there and have a look!

They run workshops too and these are the workshops that are running now.

The one that I'm really interested in is the DIY Carved Stamp Workshop hehe
I will join this class one day..  :)

Go check it out if you are after some quirky design, DIY stamp pouch, invites or even just wrapping paper that I got one myself!

I've picked a cute and dreamy one.

Thought some of you might be interested to have a birthday party there!
I thought.. hens party would be great too if you are those who don't drink and party.  ;)

Click to have a bigger view.

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Avo For Me ♥ said...

Hi Jojo, thanks for the post! I am a paper craft kinda girl and would ♥ to visit this shop if I have a chance!!!