Tuesday, March 11, 2014

People!! I'm back!!!!

Yes!! I am finally back to blog about my ... life.. I suppose? hahaha
Gowd!! I miss my blog!!! But you know.. people will be lazy sometimes..
Or I should say.. busy~~ hahaha.. I was so busy last year.. honest!

One thing I want you to know is that if you are going to read my blog from now.. You will have to forgive my broken engrish.. I found out that my english has gone down hill over a year of not blogging!
How is that possible? It's possible.. unfortunately..

But hey!!! Good thing is, I have great things to share with you about what happened to me during my times that I'm not blogging! (Blame instagram.. haha this is the "thing" that kinda made me stop blogging too) haha

First of all... If you follow my instagram, you should know that I'm engaged!!!


My friend Cindy drew this beautiful piece for me

Joe proposed to me in Sydney under the Sydney Harbour bridge on the 16th April :D
and we had a very awesome engagement party at home, and everything prepared by both of us!


This is part of my dessert buffet table haha

 Now I am preparing for my wedding! Yay!

Second of all... I am a graduated pastry student! Took a year of pastry course.. hardcore training..and here you go! My cert!!!

and now I am setting up my cake and dessert business. Hopefully it will be successful :)
Will you support me? hehe

Well, this are the 2 big thing that happened to me last year hahaha
and this year, I am starting it new. New life, new career, new status *soon* hehe

Will update again real soon!!! Fingers crossed. hehe...


Avo For Me ♥ said...

Hooray!!! So glad you are back to blogging! I know exactly what you mean by the distraction that Instagram has on us ^_^ Nevertheless, you are still one of my favourite bloggers ever *muahz*

KiKi said...


Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Nini and Kiki!!
I'm glad that I'm back to blogging too!
Oh my wedding will be November this year :)