Sunday, March 16, 2014

Japanese Theme Birthday Party

I celebrated my awesome birthday few weeks ago with full of Japanese food, Japanese cocktails, Dance, gifts and laughters! It was really awesome!

Joe organized this party for me along with our friends. I can't imagine how much effort they have put in! The search for Japanese cocktail, the decorations, food preparations!

Now let me show you my drinks table!

See the Sakura balloon on the wall? I got the tutorial from here!
Really easy! just need 5 pink balloons and 1 white balloon and some black MT tapes :)

 Alan has done tremendous research on Japanese cocktail and go around Japanese grocery store around Perth to find this YUZU juice!

 I have to say.. I am totally in love with this Yuzu thingy in ALCOHOL!
Alan and Angel even made a cocktail menu for me all using Yuzu! How cool is that!! 
I think I have tried 6 different kinds of yuzu cocktail that night and I really like it! Thanks guys!!

This is the food table! LOTS of food!!!

We have cold noodles, sushi, 4-5 types skewers, pork belly, sashimi, edamame, wakame cucumber and.. Takoyaki! Will show you later. hehe

Our friends brought all their japanese bowls, cups, plates and sake!

This is our skewers! Cooking outdoor :D

This my friend.. is something really special that I asked my friend Vicky to get it for me all the way from Kyoto while she is on holiday. It is called Kikuya Agehana 揚げ花 from 京都珍味 喜久屋. They don't do international delivery, that means you have to get it there from their shop in Kyoto.
Anyway, they come in packs and this is how they looked before frying.

After frying, they will bloom and become like this!

 Totally edible! I put it on the Sashimi plate :P Look so beautiful!

All decorations from my friends to prettified the place.

We have the Akihabara Corner with all our toys from Japan!

and I made the Birthday Celebration thingy to hang on the wall for extra Japaneseee feel.. 
I don't know what is it called hahaha

This is my Takoyaki stand!! 
I made the Takoyaki Stall myself hahaha I love it! My friends thought I bought it until I told them I made it using paper haha. 

The Takoyaki machine was given by my friend Alice years ago! hahaha Love my takoyaki machine!

I'm so busy taking orders for Takoyaki on that night! LOL 

I think I did a good job! hehe

 Jenny did the Green Tea Mochi and Sesame Mochi! They are great!


and this is my Birthday Green Tea cake!

This is what Yuzu Cocktail did to us! All gone hyper!

 and made the girls dance....

and made the boys played fuzzball all night!!!

Thanks so much Naruto for organizing such amazing birthday party for me!!!
and thanks to all my friends that surprised me and all the fun drunk and laughters!!

Arigatou neeeeee!!!! :D

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