Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dinner @ Cai Jin Shui Bakuteh House, Thornlie

Before I went for my 2 weeks holiday, my friends brought me to this bakuteh house in Thornlie. (Near Spencer Village)

I love Bakuteh. I grew up eating Bakuteh. The soft meat on the bones, the tofu soaks up all the soup, and with some cut chilli... wah.. so nice.... ^_^

This Bakuteh house has been open for about 3 months now, husband and wife owner.
Simple deco but good food.

Some of the Signature dish is not on the menu, but don't worry, the owner will show you the photos of the dish and recommend them to you. Trust me, they are good!

The owner recommended this Chinese Tea that they have. I forgot what it is, but it was nice. I like it.

We had a bowl of Bakuteh to share. We didn't order more because we wanted to try other dishes as well :)
I am not sure what and how a perfect Bakuteh should be. There are probably many kinds but the one that I grew up eating is Klang Bakuteh. Which is thick soup, and has a very thich herbal flavour.
This one in Cai Jin Shui is more on the clearer soup base. Taste good still :)

Pig Stomach pepper soup.
Very generous! and well cooked.

Everybody's favourite. Fried Pork intestine!
Texture is right, cook just right and no smell! With a bit of pineapple and chilli, yum!
Should be the first in Perth? :) I wanna have it again!

Yong tau fu.
It gave me a homemade feel. Taste homemade too. But not my favourite. :)

Steamed Salted Whole Chicken.
I love this! Apparently it is confit and cook freshly for us! If you order this, please be prepared to wait around 30 minutes.

Overall, I love this restaurant. Definitely going back! There are dishes that we can't get here in Perth!
Price are reasonable too.

Cai Jin Shui Bakuteh House
Ph 9458 5005
Spencer Village

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