Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Macaron Fever

Some of you who follow me on my instagram might know that I was in the macaron fever for a while. No matter how busy I was, I will squeeze in some macaron time! I have never thought of making them til my friends invited me to their house to experiment making macarons together.

This is the first ever macarons that my friends and I made!
Can you recognize the icons?
Yeps! Those are the iphone apps! We hand painted them. (that's my favourite part haha)

These were the first batch too! :D

After that, we were hooked. We wanna experiment more flavors, shapes and colours! We were a bit crazy that time. Every conversation that we talked about is macarons.  

There were 3 methods for macarons. The French, the Swiss and the Italian.
My friends were pro at using the Italian method which you need to cook the sugar to a certain temperature and then pour it into the meringue.

For me, I thought I should do a different method from them so we can compare the difference.
I did the French. I failed the first time. It turned out ugly and cracks everywhere.

I felt so sad that time, but I still sandwich them together with my durian filling and ate it.
It was really yummy! haha

So I told myself to try again. I know French method is the most unstable and most difficult in technic, but I wanna perfect it!

So I did it again!
......and guess what!
It was better!

These were the durian fillings macarons.. THE BEST! muahahahahaa
I was quite happy with this batch although it was not perfect!

So I kept trying.. and making macarons..
and I am now happy and satisfied.

Strawberry Macarons.

Mooncake Macarons. I call it the Macamoons!

Cendol Macarons...

Salted Caramel Macarons..
(sorry for the colour.. for some reason it came out neon! supposedly to be teal colour)

and the most recent ones..
Halloweens Macarons!
Black Cats, Witches Hats, Good Pumpkins and Black Pumpkins

I am now taking a break from Macarons.. (Too much egg yolks leftovers!!)
But when I'm in the mood again.. I think I will explore more fun designs!

Christmas Macarons maybe? ^_^

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