Friday, November 16, 2012

It's been a while...

I actually felt bad for not blogging as frequent as I used to be! It's weird!
Feel bad for my little blog.. hahahaha my blog don't feel anything for me! Silly me.

Everyday I will be telling myself to blog, cannot neglect it, spend some time edit some photos to feed my blog but because of cakes + my full time job + my weekend hanging out with friends and housework.. I just don't have enough time to just sit down and rest.. sorry blog.. I am a naughty owner. I have never forgotten you... been thinking of you EVERYDAY.... GUILTY-ly!

So today, I am going back to blog! Need to clear up all my back log so I don't have like 50 photos folders on my desktop staring at me!

I have a lot of cake photos, restaurant photos, birthday parties and the most recent one, my sis came to visit me photos!

Update update update!

I think I will start updating this Saturday :)  You might see a whole lot of post in one day but I think I will schedule them.. haha see how I go.
Fingers crossed I don't get lazy and give myself tons of excuses!

It's FRIDAY!!! Yay!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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