Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cakes and more cakes!

It's been a while since I blog about my cakes! So this will be a post dedicated to all my cakes that I created in the last 2-3 months :P  Lost track! haha

Okay, let me start with a cake that I made for 2 of my girl friends Jenny and Cecile.
It's a giant cupcake on top of a cake!
We had a small birthday celebration at the park along the river. It was a beautiful day Sunday afternoon~

This cake  is a Irish castle cake for the birthday girl.

One of my favourite cake.. :D
Electric piano cake for Jenny from her lovely boy.

Halloween cake that I did for thr Royal Show Cake Comp.
It was a rush rush work.. but I got Highly commended! I will try again next year! :P

A cake for the Arsenal fan! Pazzzaaaaaaa
Cutest shirt I've ever seen hahahaha

Pooh!! Oh Pooh~ you look like so easy to hand mold.. but actually I'm wrong~~~~
Good thing I have the patience.. or else Pooh will probably ended up looking like the fake made in china soft toy! :P
I think I have done a good job replicating Pooh. Grade A+++++ ? hehehehe

Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom.
These 2 cakes are a gift from their bridal party.. how sweet are they to organize such a sweet gift!

Photos says it all! Chanel!
30th birthday, yes you deserves everything Chanel! :D

China doll cupcakes that me and my friend made for her farewell.

Remember I had a 4th anniversary giveaway? This is the one! 
Sarah celebrated her birthday at the Zoo! What a coincidence! I wonder if Perth Zoo has hippo....

A very popular cake in the cake world. Hoot!!
When little Chloe saw this cake, she pointed at it and said HOOT!
*Heart melts*

My friends think that I'm crazy that I made this by hand using fondant. Actually I agree with them.
I still can't believe I made them! No mold! These are ordered from a nice lady all the way from Melbourne for her son's birthday! I made a doctor, sailor, police, construction worker, army and a chef! I made Construction worker bigger because he likes it. 

This cake was ordered by a fellow food blogger for his girl. How sweet is he!
and funny part is, his girl ordered a cake from me for the same day for her little cousin!
What a lovely couple!

Spongebob!!! I felt like squeezing it!

This cake was Joe's idea for his friend's Will's birthday. Will lovessssssssss squid-ing. He can squids every day & night, any time and he would squeeze in some squid-ing time before he goes to work too! That's how much he lovesssss squid-ing. 

Hawaiian thongs for Mira and Alice Hawaiian theme birthday party!
It was a great success at the party. The decorations, the weather is just perfect!

Last one for this post..
Vicky's birthday cupcakes. All the things that she likes.  :P

Will update more soon!!!!


ching∞ said...

Mommy drools while reading your blog! She absolutely adores everything you did! Koko wants Steve Job, can? Hehehehehe 😁

Jo Serwey said...

aahhaha if i can.. i think i will be famous! :P

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