Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dinner @ Grill'd, Perth City

Hello all! I have been slack with blogging I know.. I feel bad every time i think about it but I have no choice.. !! I was busy!! Forgiveeeee meee pleaseeeeeeeee...

I have so many food places to blog about, so many cake creations and parties as well to blog about but I just didn't have time.. I wish there are 4 of me running around, so one can be blogging, second one can enjoy eating, third one make cakes and fourth one (which is the original me) can sit back and relaxxxxx... :)

Anyway, few weeks ago, I got contacted by the representative from Grill'd to inform me about a few new Grill'd opening up around the city and Scarborough Beach!

I have always looking for new places to go, and this is one of the place that I wanted to check it out. The Brookfield Place in Perth City. 

Brookfield Place is a new era if business and culture in the city, where you can get gourmet lunches, New York Style Deli and Grill, coffee and of course, all the new restaurants and bars - The Heritage, Trustee, Print Hall and my favourite burger place Grill'd!

When I first got there, my friend and I were kinda surprised to see this new place! It was like.. a different part of Perth!

We had a peep at the Print Hall (it hasn't open that time)

Then we found Grill'd!

I have always loved the settings in Grill'd. It is so picnic-y! I love picnics :D

I have been to Grill'd countless times (usually the one in Mount Lawley and Claremont), and now they are opened in the city, I think I can haz burgers and the delicious chips anytime I want! :D

Here are some New Grill’d Store openings
Grill'd at Brookfield Place
Grill'd at Shafto Lane and
Grill'd at Scarborough Esplanade

To get more updates and info, you can check out their twit and facebook!

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Shaun said...

Visited Grill'd for the first time at Brookfield Place. It's a nice setting and I had the crispy bacon & cheese burger but found it underwhelming. I've eaten better such as at Alfred's Kitchen and Jus Burgers. Hope it was a one off. Might visit again. Hopefully better next time.