Friday, September 7, 2012

Piggy Family Cake

This is one of the cake that makes me feel warmth and put a smile on my face when I look at it.  :)

I have to admit when I was putting the piggies together on the picnic mat along with the food, my heart tingles and I can feel my lips and cheeks lifting up automatically.. It is the feeling that makes me fell in love with cake decorating. 

Creating something magical and putting smile on people's faces. It is the best feeling.

My customer that requested for this cake is such a sweet girl, she contacted me and ask me to create a piggy family cake for her husband who will be celebrating the last twenties before going to the number big three o ~ 

They just had a baby and she wanted his day to be special. This is the cake that we come out with..

A cake that is made into a house and Mama piggy, Papa piggy and little piggy having a sweet picnic together. 

I am missing this cake a lot because it is the cutest!
I wonder how they feel when they are cutting the cake hehe...

 I hope they loved it and enjoyed every bite of it.  :)

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