Thursday, August 9, 2012

Star Wars Lego Cake Pops

Star Wars Lego cake pops, this is! 

Gosh.. I really had fun making this!!! Honestly felt like I have won a million dollars after making this hahaha!

 This set of cake pops was for my customer who bought Chinese New Year Cupcakes and Mother's Day Cupcakes! Thanks for supporting me Liz and Ray!

                Top Left to Right: Storm Trooper, C3PO, The Death Star, R2D2
         Bottom Left to Right: Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Yoda, Luke Skywalker

This special gift is actually a surprise present from Liz to Ray. She told me Ray loves my Orange flavour cupcakes and recently he is into Star Wars and Lego! So Liz came out with the idea of Orange cake pops with Star Wars Lego design! I was as excited as she is! We were emailing each other with ideas and googling images! It's fun to be excited together haha

I told Liz to leave it in my awesome hands making the packaging and cake pops so it will looked awesome when Ray receive the special gift!

Looking for the perfect box that I wanted is a challenging task. I have shop around everywhere just to find this Square gift box! I wonder why they don't sell square ones anymore.. :( I like square! Lucky to finally found one and the last one from a shop in the city.

Wrapped with black paper and this is how it looks like.

Normal isn't it?

But when you open the lid....The front bit will pop down!

This will give a shock effect to the receiver hahahaha. Adrenaline! nah kidding..
Then you will see all the cute cake pops inside!

Joe helped me with the making of the box and create the steps for the cake pops. I told him how I want it to be and he measured, cut and stick it for me! I'm suck at measuring stuff.. hahaha It turns out how I want it to be! Happy! ^_^

Haha.. those are the positive part of it.. the negative (funny) part was making the perfect yoda..
Wanna see my first attempt of Yoda??? 

For some reason it look like Homer Simpson hahaha
Can't get pass my liking so I try to make it again and it looks perfect finally! The only thing that I would wanna add is some fairy floss for Yoda's hair or fur.. whatever you call it hahaha

I wonder if they both enjoyed the cake pops.... :)  or... too cute to eat! haha

Just a random one.. I found a website that can convert your sentence to how Yoda talks! Check it out! hehe

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Anonymous said...

Since you used Google images of ideas and therefore other people's ideas shouldn't you be crediting them?

Jo Serwey said...

if you say so ANONYMOUS!
I SHALL and there you go.

Reference from these websites.

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Wey!

Version 1 of Yoda does sorta look like Homer now that you've mentioned it!

Just in case you're wondering.... tho they sure felt too cute to eat, we've finished the cake pops within a week.

The cake was really awesome and tasted like freshly squeezed OJ!

Liz & Ray

PS: Yoda was first to be nommed by the super happy birthday boy!

Wey said...

* Happy * Happy !! ^-^
Thanks Liz and Ray!