Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sending love all the way from Melbourne

This is a very special cake. A cake that sends love from far away (Well, 4 hours flight.. consider far right? haha).

One day I received an email from a girl named Janice and asked if I can make a cake for her. She told me she's from Melbourne and would like me to create a special cake for her beloved sister!

At first I thought.. this girl must thought that I'm from Melbourne or something! I can make and deliver a cake... but only in Perth~!! Well, unless she wants to fly me there haha I don't mind! I miss Melbourne anyway! :P

I know I can make up as much nonsense as I can to make myself happy but it quickly came into my thought that Janice's sister might be just here in Perth.. hehe *Melbourne trip gone~~~* :P

Anyway, here is the cake that I made for Janice's sister, Cindy.

Cindy always dreamed of wearing a flowy long skirt and with big hat, cycling around the park.

Other than dreaming a beautiful dream, Cindy has been crocheting on her free time too.

Janice sent me some pics of what Cindy likes, like the crochet rabbit, the bicycle..  and I tried my best to replicate them and put them nicely together on top of the cake.

I had a panic moment while I was making the bicycle, afraid that it wouldn't set in time!
Fortunately, it did and with some flowers on the basket... BEAUTIFUL!

Sister love is the best.  <3 br="br">


Bryt said...

Totally agree, nothing tops sisterly love. And that cake is just amazing. All the detail you put into it! and that bike, omg. Most people wouldn't be able to pull that off!

Jo Serwey said...

Aww thanks Bryt! :D

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