Sunday, August 26, 2012

Music Related Cakes

 This post is a long overdue! Felt so guilty for not blogging as much as last time anymore.. probably because I am updating my stuff through Instagram now til I neglected my blog. Ops!

Last month, I did 2 cakes that are coincidentally both are Music theme! 

This one below is for the guy who absolutely love Singing, Wine and his dog named Babe! haha so cute!

 That's him on the stage singing with heart and soul! :D
with the huge wine bottles as the stage's backdrop hehe

and Babe is licking the wine that he accidentally tumble over :P
Naughty little doggy! hehehe

and the second music related cake was for a girl who lovesssssss the Korean band SS501.

I am seriously so outdated! When I receive the request for the cake, I have no idea who is SS501. So I did some research on them and found out that they are the new (well, new to me!) Korean Boy Band that is very popular now.  Cute young boys hahaha oh gowd.. I sounded so old.

It was fun making them because they are such a vibrant and colorful band!
and their hair style is quite challenging for me hahaha.. long hair, short hair, long fringe..
Wow! So fashionable.

So, who is your favourite band? Name it here for me, I need to update myself hahaha

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