Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lunch @ Taro Taro, Victoria Park

I went to Taro Taro months ago and have totally forgotten to blog about it! :P
Taro Taro is probably the only asian dessert place in Perth at the moment. They are from Taiwan.

I was really excited to see their opening and were eager to try their dessert! Their dessert is basically shaved ice and top with whatever toppings you like! They have plenty of choices but the one that I like and probably is the popular ones are grass jelly, taro balls, sago! Cooling dessert!

 I have tried the Tao Fu Fah + grass jelly and sweet potato balls one. It was quite alright. hahaha
Nothing to brag about.

and I had the Taro Taro's Special as well. 
Which is Shaved ice, taro balls, sweet potato balls, sago and grass jelly.


Honestly, it is quite a big tub of dessert! So, small eater, please share!
I prefer this one haha 

Taro taro not only serves dessert, they have some normal meals too!
They have the famous XL size fried chicken, mince meat+braise egg+preserve vegies Rice, and Oyster noodles. 

That day that I went, I was looking forward to try their Oyster noodles! Unfortunately, they were out of stock... So I'm stuck with fried chicken+preserve vegies and rice.

It was not expensive and there was a lot of rice! I like the preserve vegies, they are very tasty and I was hoping for more! 

This is the Mince meat, egg and preserve vegies Rice. 

 Oh, and they have the Taiwan famous pineapple cake too!

Overall, it was a okay okay for food but I'm happy that Perth finally have a Asian dessert shop! More place for me to hang out hehe

Go try it one day!

Shop2/393 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park
08 93610098

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