Sunday, August 26, 2012

Japanese Themed Birthday Party

I love home themed parties. I love decorating, I love plating and have beautiful photos taken! 
I am really lucky to have a group of friends that shares some of my favourite interest! Which is FOOD!!! and ART!!! hehe...

Whenever there's a birthday, I am usually the one that plan of the decorations, and the guys will prepare the food (the guys cook better than girls!!! fml.) and the girls will either help out or make dessert :)

So 3 weeks ago, we celebrated one of our friend Angel's birthday, and had the Japanese Theme. Food was mostly prepared by her boyfriend Alan. He is a very good cook! I was surprised he managed to prepare so much food and all so yummy!!

Alan knows I love decorating parties, so he gave me a budget and let me do whatever I want for the party!!! Woohoo!!!

Okay, let's start with food. Look at how much food we had!


2 types of eel. Salted and teriyaki. 
3 different type of salad prepared by Jenny who are an expert at it haha she can make all kind of salad its unbelievable.

 A plate full of fresh Sashimi!
Chicken Karaage.

Salmon Patty
Tofu salad

Personal Salad for the birthday girl lol
Grilled pork belly

Sorry for the repeated photo haha can't be bothered to change. :P
Braised pork belly and prawn infused miso soup. 

Soooo delish!! 


If you are interested at the decoration part of it, here it is.. :) 
Although it was nothing much but every little things make a huge difference. 

The Japanese looking divider is actually from a friend of mine. He brought it in just for the party hehe. Look good isn't it? 

Lanterns are from  Spotlights. Or any party shops.

Paper Fan are from Spotlight too. Go online and look for Tanjobi Omedeto. use marker pen and write them on the fan. Look real good :P

I bought some disposable paper container from a packaging shop near canningvale market. 
It is called Glad Tidings. Ph: 6254 2329 add: Commercial Centre, Building A, Tenancy 2.
Open on Sundays too!

The red colour flower bit is actually the wrapping paper that I bought from Spotlight. Cut in strips and stick it :) Easy.

So is this plate and the plastic leaves. They were from Glad Tidings too. 
I got the brown wooden looking paper from Glad Tidings too to display the Sashimi. 

Cherry Blossom flowers are from Spotlight. 
Some Japanese glasses and bottles, we had them. Yes, I have alcoholic friends hahaha

For the cake, I made Asian style Strawberry light sponge cake. Made tiny buntings from the same wrapping paper for the miso soup container with satay sticks. Japanese Girl Cake Topper which is edible made by me using fondant.

Honestly, food plays a big role in the party. Well, our party anyways, because we appreciates good food and good effort. Team work!
But if you are not familiar with Japanese cooking, go to Loi's Supermarket in Northbridge.  You will some prepared frozen food, packets and huge selection of sake.

There you go! :)
Get your friends together, make some food and have a feast!!!

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