Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dinner @ Kuza, Victoria Park

Found this place by accident when I was heading to Taro Taro for dinner. Fortunately Taro Taro was closed that day, so i get to try out Kuza!! Yay!

Looks funky don't you think? :)

I was happy to see a funky and cool Japanese restaurant pop up on Albany Highway! Finally!
 I always think that Vic park needs a good Japanese restaurant instead of those cheap and fast ones.  Me no fancy :P

I like the deco, I like the mood lightings, I like the graffiti on the wall~

Pretty tea cups!

There were 3 of us that night, so I can try quite a few dishes!

Crispy Mock Chicken Tofu Salad
Like it. Salad is fresh, clean flavours and mock meat were good too. It's not oily :)

Chicken Karaage
Karaage Karaage... I have been really picky when it comes to Karaage.. 
I have tried so many karaage and nothing beats Halu's Chicken Karaage. It is the best! 
Don't get me wrong, Kuza's Karaage is good too..  I just can't get over Halu's Karaage. haha

Tofu Steak with assorted mushrooms & vegetables
Oh this is my favourite!!!! Saucy...~!!! This is kinda sweet and salty in taste. I like the soft tofu go along with the crunchy golden mushrooms and vegies.. oh the best.

Dynamite Roll- Soft Shell Crab, Lettuce, Spicy Mayo, Tobiko

Aburi Sushi
Nicely presented. Quite a nice one.. 
But.. I prefer the one from Sake Bar in Northbridge. The difference is Sake Bar's Aburi Sushi has this nicely charred flavour to it and because of that, it tasted really really good.

Grilled Black Cod $28
Hohohoh.. Black Cod!! If I compare Kuza's $28 and Nobu's $45 Black Cod, I will choose Kuza. 
Fish is as soft, although it is not as juicy but they cooked it really well.
I don't think I will pay $45 piece of small fish again ahhaha tried it once and that's it! So Kuza wins.

For dessert, we had..

 Green tea mousse with azuki beans

Kuza's Tiramisu

Creme Brulee with raspberry sorbet.

When I was outside, I saw these 2 poster!
Pork buns and ramen for lunch!!!

 So I went back to have the Pork buns.. hahaha couldn't resist!!!!

Pork Bun with Crispy lotus root chips
Unfortunately, it was not up to my standard... taste good, but I was hoping the meat would fall off easily. It didn't. Lotus root chips was good though. :P

393 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park
08 9361 8888

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Anonymous said...

So, you are happy with them using jasmine rice to make sushi? It is completely wrong, don't you reckon? They are petty little miser...

Anonymous said...

I was there a few weeks ago for lunch and had their Double Salmon Sushi Roll & Curry Katzu Chicken Lunch Set. The Chicken was slightly over cooked but overall pretty good for price and quality. I am quite certain that the rice I had in both dishes were short grain Japanese rice.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a couple of people complain about the rice on urbanspoon, and im not japanese, so can someone explain why it is such a taboo to use a different rice?

And also wouldn't a fusion restaurant have justification in using non-traditional japanese rice?

Ps. so glad there's a blog since urbanspoon doesn't have a q&a section :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I dunno what the big deal is with using a different type of rice. Their cuisine is contemp japanese fusion so if they want to do their own thing I don't see a problem with that.