Sunday, August 26, 2012

Japanese Themed Birthday Party

I love home themed parties. I love decorating, I love plating and have beautiful photos taken! 
I am really lucky to have a group of friends that shares some of my favourite interest! Which is FOOD!!! and ART!!! hehe...

Whenever there's a birthday, I am usually the one that plan of the decorations, and the guys will prepare the food (the guys cook better than girls!!! fml.) and the girls will either help out or make dessert :)

So 3 weeks ago, we celebrated one of our friend Angel's birthday, and had the Japanese Theme. Food was mostly prepared by her boyfriend Alan. He is a very good cook! I was surprised he managed to prepare so much food and all so yummy!!

Alan knows I love decorating parties, so he gave me a budget and let me do whatever I want for the party!!! Woohoo!!!

Okay, let's start with food. Look at how much food we had!


2 types of eel. Salted and teriyaki. 
3 different type of salad prepared by Jenny who are an expert at it haha she can make all kind of salad its unbelievable.

 A plate full of fresh Sashimi!
Chicken Karaage.

Salmon Patty
Tofu salad

Personal Salad for the birthday girl lol
Grilled pork belly

Sorry for the repeated photo haha can't be bothered to change. :P
Braised pork belly and prawn infused miso soup. 

Soooo delish!! 


If you are interested at the decoration part of it, here it is.. :) 
Although it was nothing much but every little things make a huge difference. 

The Japanese looking divider is actually from a friend of mine. He brought it in just for the party hehe. Look good isn't it? 

Lanterns are from  Spotlights. Or any party shops.

Paper Fan are from Spotlight too. Go online and look for Tanjobi Omedeto. use marker pen and write them on the fan. Look real good :P

I bought some disposable paper container from a packaging shop near canningvale market. 
It is called Glad Tidings. Ph: 6254 2329 add: Commercial Centre, Building A, Tenancy 2.
Open on Sundays too!

The red colour flower bit is actually the wrapping paper that I bought from Spotlight. Cut in strips and stick it :) Easy.

So is this plate and the plastic leaves. They were from Glad Tidings too. 
I got the brown wooden looking paper from Glad Tidings too to display the Sashimi. 

Cherry Blossom flowers are from Spotlight. 
Some Japanese glasses and bottles, we had them. Yes, I have alcoholic friends hahaha

For the cake, I made Asian style Strawberry light sponge cake. Made tiny buntings from the same wrapping paper for the miso soup container with satay sticks. Japanese Girl Cake Topper which is edible made by me using fondant.

Honestly, food plays a big role in the party. Well, our party anyways, because we appreciates good food and good effort. Team work!
But if you are not familiar with Japanese cooking, go to Loi's Supermarket in Northbridge.  You will some prepared frozen food, packets and huge selection of sake.

There you go! :)
Get your friends together, make some food and have a feast!!!

Music Related Cakes

 This post is a long overdue! Felt so guilty for not blogging as much as last time anymore.. probably because I am updating my stuff through Instagram now til I neglected my blog. Ops!

Last month, I did 2 cakes that are coincidentally both are Music theme! 

This one below is for the guy who absolutely love Singing, Wine and his dog named Babe! haha so cute!

 That's him on the stage singing with heart and soul! :D
with the huge wine bottles as the stage's backdrop hehe

and Babe is licking the wine that he accidentally tumble over :P
Naughty little doggy! hehehe

and the second music related cake was for a girl who lovesssssss the Korean band SS501.

I am seriously so outdated! When I receive the request for the cake, I have no idea who is SS501. So I did some research on them and found out that they are the new (well, new to me!) Korean Boy Band that is very popular now.  Cute young boys hahaha oh gowd.. I sounded so old.

It was fun making them because they are such a vibrant and colorful band!
and their hair style is quite challenging for me hahaha.. long hair, short hair, long fringe..
Wow! So fashionable.

So, who is your favourite band? Name it here for me, I need to update myself hahaha

Monday, August 13, 2012

Winners for the Giveaways

Congrats to Sarah B for winning the Hippo cake! and...
Congrats to Sandy C for winning the Hamburger Set!

Thanks to everyone who enters the Giveaway!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Star Wars Lego Cake Pops

Star Wars Lego cake pops, this is! 

Gosh.. I really had fun making this!!! Honestly felt like I have won a million dollars after making this hahaha!

 This set of cake pops was for my customer who bought Chinese New Year Cupcakes and Mother's Day Cupcakes! Thanks for supporting me Liz and Ray!

                Top Left to Right: Storm Trooper, C3PO, The Death Star, R2D2
         Bottom Left to Right: Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Yoda, Luke Skywalker

This special gift is actually a surprise present from Liz to Ray. She told me Ray loves my Orange flavour cupcakes and recently he is into Star Wars and Lego! So Liz came out with the idea of Orange cake pops with Star Wars Lego design! I was as excited as she is! We were emailing each other with ideas and googling images! It's fun to be excited together haha

I told Liz to leave it in my awesome hands making the packaging and cake pops so it will looked awesome when Ray receive the special gift!

Looking for the perfect box that I wanted is a challenging task. I have shop around everywhere just to find this Square gift box! I wonder why they don't sell square ones anymore.. :( I like square! Lucky to finally found one and the last one from a shop in the city.

Wrapped with black paper and this is how it looks like.

Normal isn't it?

But when you open the lid....The front bit will pop down!

This will give a shock effect to the receiver hahahaha. Adrenaline! nah kidding..
Then you will see all the cute cake pops inside!

Joe helped me with the making of the box and create the steps for the cake pops. I told him how I want it to be and he measured, cut and stick it for me! I'm suck at measuring stuff.. hahaha It turns out how I want it to be! Happy! ^_^

Haha.. those are the positive part of it.. the negative (funny) part was making the perfect yoda..
Wanna see my first attempt of Yoda??? 

For some reason it look like Homer Simpson hahaha
Can't get pass my liking so I try to make it again and it looks perfect finally! The only thing that I would wanna add is some fairy floss for Yoda's hair or fur.. whatever you call it hahaha

I wonder if they both enjoyed the cake pops.... :)  or... too cute to eat! haha

Just a random one.. I found a website that can convert your sentence to how Yoda talks! Check it out! hehe

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Sending love all the way from Melbourne

This is a very special cake. A cake that sends love from far away (Well, 4 hours flight.. consider far right? haha).

One day I received an email from a girl named Janice and asked if I can make a cake for her. She told me she's from Melbourne and would like me to create a special cake for her beloved sister!

At first I thought.. this girl must thought that I'm from Melbourne or something! I can make and deliver a cake... but only in Perth~!! Well, unless she wants to fly me there haha I don't mind! I miss Melbourne anyway! :P

I know I can make up as much nonsense as I can to make myself happy but it quickly came into my thought that Janice's sister might be just here in Perth.. hehe *Melbourne trip gone~~~* :P

Anyway, here is the cake that I made for Janice's sister, Cindy.

Cindy always dreamed of wearing a flowy long skirt and with big hat, cycling around the park.

Other than dreaming a beautiful dream, Cindy has been crocheting on her free time too.

Janice sent me some pics of what Cindy likes, like the crochet rabbit, the bicycle..  and I tried my best to replicate them and put them nicely together on top of the cake.

I had a panic moment while I was making the bicycle, afraid that it wouldn't set in time!
Fortunately, it did and with some flowers on the basket... BEAUTIFUL!

Sister love is the best.  <3 br="br">

Amanda's Farewell Cake

This cake is for my workmate Amanda's farewell few weeks ago. 
 My workmates asked me to make this cake to surprise her!
 She likes pink, sparkles and her lil dog Lilly!

This is probably the girliest cake I have done haha and I'm totally loving it! 
I love pink~ I quite like sparkles and I definitely LOVE DOGS!!! haha

This is Lilly~! Hello!

hehe.. I won't explain much on this little fella.. As long as Amanda knows it. :P

Oh Pink~! Can't get enough of it haha

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dinner @ Kuza, Victoria Park

Found this place by accident when I was heading to Taro Taro for dinner. Fortunately Taro Taro was closed that day, so i get to try out Kuza!! Yay!

Looks funky don't you think? :)

I was happy to see a funky and cool Japanese restaurant pop up on Albany Highway! Finally!
 I always think that Vic park needs a good Japanese restaurant instead of those cheap and fast ones.  Me no fancy :P

I like the deco, I like the mood lightings, I like the graffiti on the wall~

Pretty tea cups!

There were 3 of us that night, so I can try quite a few dishes!

Crispy Mock Chicken Tofu Salad
Like it. Salad is fresh, clean flavours and mock meat were good too. It's not oily :)

Chicken Karaage
Karaage Karaage... I have been really picky when it comes to Karaage.. 
I have tried so many karaage and nothing beats Halu's Chicken Karaage. It is the best! 
Don't get me wrong, Kuza's Karaage is good too..  I just can't get over Halu's Karaage. haha

Tofu Steak with assorted mushrooms & vegetables
Oh this is my favourite!!!! Saucy...~!!! This is kinda sweet and salty in taste. I like the soft tofu go along with the crunchy golden mushrooms and vegies.. oh the best.

Dynamite Roll- Soft Shell Crab, Lettuce, Spicy Mayo, Tobiko

Aburi Sushi
Nicely presented. Quite a nice one.. 
But.. I prefer the one from Sake Bar in Northbridge. The difference is Sake Bar's Aburi Sushi has this nicely charred flavour to it and because of that, it tasted really really good.

Grilled Black Cod $28
Hohohoh.. Black Cod!! If I compare Kuza's $28 and Nobu's $45 Black Cod, I will choose Kuza. 
Fish is as soft, although it is not as juicy but they cooked it really well.
I don't think I will pay $45 piece of small fish again ahhaha tried it once and that's it! So Kuza wins.

For dessert, we had..

 Green tea mousse with azuki beans

Kuza's Tiramisu

Creme Brulee with raspberry sorbet.

When I was outside, I saw these 2 poster!
Pork buns and ramen for lunch!!!

 So I went back to have the Pork buns.. hahaha couldn't resist!!!!

Pork Bun with Crispy lotus root chips
Unfortunately, it was not up to my standard... taste good, but I was hoping the meat would fall off easily. It didn't. Lotus root chips was good though. :P

393 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park
08 9361 8888

Kuza Urban Japanese Food on Urbanspoon

Lunch @ Taro Taro, Victoria Park

I went to Taro Taro months ago and have totally forgotten to blog about it! :P
Taro Taro is probably the only asian dessert place in Perth at the moment. They are from Taiwan.

I was really excited to see their opening and were eager to try their dessert! Their dessert is basically shaved ice and top with whatever toppings you like! They have plenty of choices but the one that I like and probably is the popular ones are grass jelly, taro balls, sago! Cooling dessert!

 I have tried the Tao Fu Fah + grass jelly and sweet potato balls one. It was quite alright. hahaha
Nothing to brag about.

and I had the Taro Taro's Special as well. 
Which is Shaved ice, taro balls, sweet potato balls, sago and grass jelly.


Honestly, it is quite a big tub of dessert! So, small eater, please share!
I prefer this one haha 

Taro taro not only serves dessert, they have some normal meals too!
They have the famous XL size fried chicken, mince meat+braise egg+preserve vegies Rice, and Oyster noodles. 

That day that I went, I was looking forward to try their Oyster noodles! Unfortunately, they were out of stock... So I'm stuck with fried chicken+preserve vegies and rice.

It was not expensive and there was a lot of rice! I like the preserve vegies, they are very tasty and I was hoping for more! 

This is the Mince meat, egg and preserve vegies Rice. 

 Oh, and they have the Taiwan famous pineapple cake too!

Overall, it was a okay okay for food but I'm happy that Perth finally have a Asian dessert shop! More place for me to hang out hehe

Go try it one day!

Shop2/393 Albany Hwy
Victoria Park
08 93610098

Taro Taro on Urbanspoon