Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Superhero II - Spiderman figurine

I was asked by my workmate to make a Spiderman cake topper for her to put on the cake that she's going to bake for her grandson's 5 year old birthday! First thing my thought were "Wow...that's difficult! Can I make that??"
Then on the second thought.. oh well, I have done Superman, why not Spiderman! haha So I said yes and there you go!

A cute little Spiderman!

I have intentionally done the Spiderman a little chubbier like a soft toy version so it will look cute on a cake! haha

It was quite a difficult one because of the lines that I have to draw on it. Very carefully and slowly drawing lines and hoping I don't get cramps!

Look! I even did the finger thing for his webs to "spit" out! I don't know what term to use but you get what I mean.. haha

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