Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas In July and A Diablo Cake for Joe's Birthday

It's been quite a while since me and my group of friends have themed birthday party! Guess what! It was Joe's turn to be a year older 3 weeks ago!
I've spent weeks to plan his party and it's all worth it!

I got my cousin to help me move stuff and put up the beautiful 30 meter long of Christmas lights! We were dancing around and getting all excited after turning on the Christmas lights! Soooo Beautiful!

Borrowed my cousin's little firewood heater for decoration hehehe

and a Christmas Tree for friends to write their birthday wishes to Joe!

I have some elves with me on that day to help me prepare all these food~ Thank you so much for helping me Eileen, Alice and Vicky! I wouldn't have manage pumping out all the food by myself!!

We have Asparagus and Tomato Salad, Broccoli Salad, ham, cheese board, Duck Crostini, tuna avo cucumber to start with hehe..

We are all in the cozy little room~

Then we have a little wine game for everyone to make the birthday party a little fun and since most of them are wine lovers!

I bought 4 different wine and they are all in different price range. So I picked a below $10 bottle, a below $20, a below $30 and a below $40 bottle.

Basically, they will have to taste all and write down which price range it is. After that, we showed them the wine and they will have to guess which wine belongs to which cup that they have tasted.

I was surprised that they liked the $9 wine! It was Evans & Tates Shiraz that voted by Ray Jordan one of the best cheap wine. They liked the Pennys Hill Shiraz too which is the below $40 bottle. The one that they hated the most is Whiz Bang which cost below $20. Their face just cringe up so badly after a sip! hahahaha

After the game, it's time for the 4.5kg Turkey!

I was a bit disappointed at the Turkey because it was a bit overcooked..

and a very simple Chilli Oil Prawn pasta.

After our mains.. it's time for dessert!

My cousin brought in some Canolli from Casa Del Dolce and it was yum!

and these cute little Macaron Christmas Tree / Tower are Salted Caramel Macarons made by Lillian from A Brewing Mind. So yum too!

Then here comes the awesomest cake that I have ever done!!

Diablo's Head!!
Who is Diablo? Well, you can click here to read all about him.. but basically it's a very famous role playing game for the hardcore gamers in the world and this is the Lord of Terror.

Thanks to one of my friend who has the mini figurine from the latest collection of Diablo III. I asked him to take photos of Diablo in all angles for me to replicate his scary look!

Although the cake is not 100 perfect but I was really surprised myself for doing such cake! *pat my own back* :P

The funny part was.. for those who have never seen Diablo before.. thought this 2 black dots and round whole is the face!! The reason was because everybody was sitting down while I take out this cake.. so from sitting view.. this is how it looks! fml.. my whole night effort.. making the skull.. hahahaha.. oh well, luckily Joe knows! That's all that matters :D

Diablo killed and eaten by Monster Joe~! Rawrr!

Joe is reading his birthday star card

Time for Secret Santa! This is just a $5 gift bought by everyone! I told them to get anything $5.. ANYTHING! Just for the fun of it.

When my friends put their gifts in the pile.. they ask me is this one $5. I said yea! exactly $5! They said they don't believe! haha.. I told them is the best present ever and is on special price!

Guess what I bought for the $5 gift.. a pack of toilet roll. hehehehe

I love theme parties~!

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