Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Banana In Pyjamas Cake

Banana~ in pyjamas~
My brain is singing that song non stop while I was making the figurines for the little boy Hayden. Oh my god, I still remember I watched B1B2 when I was young! I watch Barney too hahahaha Actually I'm even more surprised that it is still watched by the kids now!

This cake was requested by Hayden's lovely mum for his 2 year old birthday! When she told me that she wanted B1B2 on the cake, I was quite excited about it! haha Look up B1B2 on google to look at them again in detail.

Honestly, making them is not as easy as it looks.. haha.. well, they look easy because they have smooth looking head.. but the hardest part is their pyjamas!! Can you imagine I had to cut and stick the strip one by one? I nearly gone insane! hahahah I wonder if it's easier for me if they wear polka dot pyjamas :P joking.. B1B2 won't be happy to wear those I think.. :P

I enjoyed making them! Such a cheerful and fun Bananas~ Added Balloon for to celebrate Hayden's big day! Yay!

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