Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas In July and A Diablo Cake for Joe's Birthday

It's been quite a while since me and my group of friends have themed birthday party! Guess what! It was Joe's turn to be a year older 3 weeks ago!
I've spent weeks to plan his party and it's all worth it!

I got my cousin to help me move stuff and put up the beautiful 30 meter long of Christmas lights! We were dancing around and getting all excited after turning on the Christmas lights! Soooo Beautiful!

Borrowed my cousin's little firewood heater for decoration hehehe

and a Christmas Tree for friends to write their birthday wishes to Joe!

I have some elves with me on that day to help me prepare all these food~ Thank you so much for helping me Eileen, Alice and Vicky! I wouldn't have manage pumping out all the food by myself!!

We have Asparagus and Tomato Salad, Broccoli Salad, ham, cheese board, Duck Crostini, tuna avo cucumber to start with hehe..

We are all in the cozy little room~

Then we have a little wine game for everyone to make the birthday party a little fun and since most of them are wine lovers!

I bought 4 different wine and they are all in different price range. So I picked a below $10 bottle, a below $20, a below $30 and a below $40 bottle.

Basically, they will have to taste all and write down which price range it is. After that, we showed them the wine and they will have to guess which wine belongs to which cup that they have tasted.

I was surprised that they liked the $9 wine! It was Evans & Tates Shiraz that voted by Ray Jordan one of the best cheap wine. They liked the Pennys Hill Shiraz too which is the below $40 bottle. The one that they hated the most is Whiz Bang which cost below $20. Their face just cringe up so badly after a sip! hahahaha

After the game, it's time for the 4.5kg Turkey!

I was a bit disappointed at the Turkey because it was a bit overcooked..

and a very simple Chilli Oil Prawn pasta.

After our mains.. it's time for dessert!

My cousin brought in some Canolli from Casa Del Dolce and it was yum!

and these cute little Macaron Christmas Tree / Tower are Salted Caramel Macarons made by Lillian from A Brewing Mind. So yum too!

Then here comes the awesomest cake that I have ever done!!

Diablo's Head!!
Who is Diablo? Well, you can click here to read all about him.. but basically it's a very famous role playing game for the hardcore gamers in the world and this is the Lord of Terror.

Thanks to one of my friend who has the mini figurine from the latest collection of Diablo III. I asked him to take photos of Diablo in all angles for me to replicate his scary look!

Although the cake is not 100 perfect but I was really surprised myself for doing such cake! *pat my own back* :P

The funny part was.. for those who have never seen Diablo before.. thought this 2 black dots and round whole is the face!! The reason was because everybody was sitting down while I take out this cake.. so from sitting view.. this is how it looks! fml.. my whole night effort.. making the skull.. hahahaha.. oh well, luckily Joe knows! That's all that matters :D

Diablo killed and eaten by Monster Joe~! Rawrr!

Joe is reading his birthday star card

Time for Secret Santa! This is just a $5 gift bought by everyone! I told them to get anything $5.. ANYTHING! Just for the fun of it.

When my friends put their gifts in the pile.. they ask me is this one $5. I said yea! exactly $5! They said they don't believe! haha.. I told them is the best present ever and is on special price!

Guess what I bought for the $5 gift.. a pack of toilet roll. hehehehe

I love theme parties~!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Banana In Pyjamas Cake

Banana~ in pyjamas~
My brain is singing that song non stop while I was making the figurines for the little boy Hayden. Oh my god, I still remember I watched B1B2 when I was young! I watch Barney too hahahaha Actually I'm even more surprised that it is still watched by the kids now!

This cake was requested by Hayden's lovely mum for his 2 year old birthday! When she told me that she wanted B1B2 on the cake, I was quite excited about it! haha Look up B1B2 on google to look at them again in detail.

Honestly, making them is not as easy as it looks.. haha.. well, they look easy because they have smooth looking head.. but the hardest part is their pyjamas!! Can you imagine I had to cut and stick the strip one by one? I nearly gone insane! hahahah I wonder if it's easier for me if they wear polka dot pyjamas :P joking.. B1B2 won't be happy to wear those I think.. :P

I enjoyed making them! Such a cheerful and fun Bananas~ Added Balloon for to celebrate Hayden's big day! Yay!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy 4th Year Anniversary to my Blog!

Can you believe I have been blogging for 4 years now?? Wow, I couldn't! haha
I am really proud of my blog because it changes my life! I have made friends, meet new people, see my progressions, learning new things and more through my blog!

 I browse through some of the blog posts briefly yesterday and found out that I have been learning new things everyday! Mostly artsy stuff though haha. I am glad that I have interest in all these artsy hobbies because it makes my life (and people around me) prettier and happier! ^_^

Anyway, I am doing a Giveaway (well actually 2) to my readers for my 4th year anniversary!

What will my lucky readers get?

A yummilicious 4" Chocolate Cake layered with Chocolate Ganache & decorated with a handmade cute fatty hippo figurine! 

Perth Readers only and pick up from Belmont, weekends only. Winner can pick a date from August to October 2012.

And the next Giveaway is the popular Kracie's Popin' Cookin Happy Kitchen Hamburger DIY Making Kit! (Edible)

Make your own delicious and fun mini cheeseburger meal sets, that taste just like the real thing. This set contains everything to make two hamburgers with cheese and ketchup, one order of fries and one cup of cola -- all mini sized of course. By using the included mixes, water and a microwave, you can make your own fast food right at home. Great for rainy day fun, or for budding young cooks. The whole set contains only 96 calories, making it a neat treat for guests that you won't have to feel guilty about. Much healthier than actually eating fast food. Comes with easy to follow picture instructions on the back. 

Kracie made a lot different kind of mini DIY edible fun sweets for kids (or adult!) They have DIY Ramen, Candies, Sushi, ice cream and much more! Just Youtube it, you will find tons of video about this Popin Cookin Craze. I have tried quite a few, and it was really fun especially you play with friends!

Because I have tried them, I think this Hamburger Popin Cookin is the best one in terms of texture and flavours. 
The burger tasted like burger, the tomato sauce tasted like tomato sauce and Cola fizzes!!!! It's amazing how Japanese come out with all these crazy fun toy/food!

That is why I'm giving this away to one of my lucky reader!!
If you still unsure how it works, watch the youtube below. :)

First one is just a silent movie of how you do it.

and the second one is from Emmy, she reviewed all the Happy Kitchen products and let you know her thoughts about it! You can click on her other videos on this Popin Cookin thingy.

 p/s: Hippo Cake is for Perth Readers only.
        Hamburger Popin Cookin is open to everyone in Australia and Malaysia! I will post it to you! :D

Now how to win the Hippo Cake or Hamburger Popin Cookin?

Step 1: Like my Facebook Page
Step 2: Share & Like this post, to your friends and family on Facebook
Step 3: Email me at Your Name and pick the one that you wanna win. (Cake or Hamburger) You can enter for both if you live in Perth.

I will be using or to pick the winners on 12th August 2012 Sunday.
I will announce the winners through my Facebook page and blog on 12th August 2012! :D

GOOD LUCK and hope you win one of these! :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dora Cake

This Dora cake is for a girl who loves everything Dora and everything princess! Her mum Cath must have a hard time thinking of an idea for the cake for her girl! Should I get her a princess cake or a Dora cake! 

To save her problems, I asked her if she wants Dora in a princess dress! Kill 2 birds in 1 stone yea? hahahaha.. I'm sure her little girl will love her mummy forever when she sees this!

Princess Dora!!

When Cath first told me about Dora.. I seriously have no idea who is that! I did a lot of research into this Dora girl and finally know what is her cartoon is all about and every little details of her look! It was quite fun hahaha

While I was observing her face, eyes and head.. I was thinking to myself.. hey.. I got her head "big" and I used to have her hair style too.. so.. can I have her big eyes please?? Unfortunately, that never happened.

Princessie theme cake must have beautiful pearls to go with it.  :)

 I'm very happy to know from Cath that her daughter Serena totally loved her cake!
Even better message after that saying the whole family love the taste of my cake too!

Ahh.. ok.. I don't need the big eyes now.. because I'm so happy~~ hehehe

Superhero II - Spiderman figurine

I was asked by my workmate to make a Spiderman cake topper for her to put on the cake that she's going to bake for her grandson's 5 year old birthday! First thing my thought were "Wow...that's difficult! Can I make that??"
Then on the second thought.. oh well, I have done Superman, why not Spiderman! haha So I said yes and there you go!

A cute little Spiderman!

I have intentionally done the Spiderman a little chubbier like a soft toy version so it will look cute on a cake! haha

It was quite a difficult one because of the lines that I have to draw on it. Very carefully and slowly drawing lines and hoping I don't get cramps!

Look! I even did the finger thing for his webs to "spit" out! I don't know what term to use but you get what I mean.. haha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Superhero Cakes

I made some superhero cakes last weekend!
My customer wanted a cake for her hubby's birthday. She is so sweet, she asked me to make her hubby as Superman Daddy and her 5 year old daughter as princess because her birthday is just a week after! 

Super heroes were quite a difficult thing to make actually.
For example, this Superman above is actually the second Superman figurine that I've made for the cake as the first one was too tall and probably a bit too realistic! He has muscles and nice crotch hahaha! I thought it is probably not suitable to put on the cake along with the cute little girl!
I quickly remade another Superman to suit the cake design better. A cuter version.

I like this cute version of Superman so much I felt like playing with it!
I wonder if they kept the figurines haha.

Now... another Superhero! The Ironman on cake pop!

 I made these handsome for one of my workmate's birthday. She loves Ironman so much, she collects toy figurines of Ironman in unopened box! Mint condition! haha I teased her that she actually likes Robert Downey Jr more than Ironman itself because I think Robert is hot hahahaha trying to brain wash her :P

She loves the Ironman cake pop so much she nearly cried! 

I love seeing people happy~! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lunch @ Malaysian Dining Delight, Bentley

Found this new place when me and my friends going to have lunch at Sunny Chinese Restaurant. We decided to change location since it's new! :P

It was quite crowded during lunch time but we manage to grab a table. 
Menu was quite huge. There are sharing dishes and individual dishes.
We went for the individual dishes. 

 My friends had the Pineapple Fried Rice, Seafood Kuey Teow with Egg sauce and Anchovies Fried Rice. Fried rice were average. It was nice for the first bite, then it kinda tasted bland after that. 
Maybe should go with other dishes for sharing. 

Seafood Kuey Teow taste good, down side was the sauce is a bit too watery.

Joe had Nasi Lemak.
It was probably the best dish out of all and I had the Weekend Special, Prawn Noodle.
Mine was average too. I was kinda hoping for a thick flavour of prawn taste. Ah well, I will try other dishes next time.

Other than that, we shared a bowl of cendol. It's huge isn't it??
Taste was quite good! But the ice was hard.. I want it soft and fluffy~~~
Cendol look like noodle. I don't know why but it was quite hard to scoop the cendol out. 

I like the Pisang Goreng with shredded cheese. 
Totally love the batter! Crunchy & light! I am always looking for this kind of batter for Fried Banana because it is the best! I used to have it when I was young and I couldn't find it anywhere else! So glad I found this!
If the banana can be a bit riper... That will be the perfect dessert! :D

Overall, food was quite good. Generous and not expensive. Although it is not the best but I think it's quite authentic.
Service was good too. I would go back again :)

We also found something fun to do in the restaurant!
A spinning plate!

I thought it was fun anyway :P

Malaysian Dining Delight
111, Manning Road
04 24522486

Open Monday-Sunday
Lunch and Dinner.

Malaysian Dining Delights on Urbanspoon