Monday, June 25, 2012

Construction Site Cake for Charity

I've made an epic cake (well, for me anyway) for my cousin's fundraising at work 2 weeks ago!
It was the most fun and stressful cake I've ever done haha

A cake that looks like the construction site that she works at. Crazy assss!

Everything made by hand! Craziest idea ever hahahah The trucks and stuff were so small my eyes went all crazy. 
Thanks to my cousin that give me this crazy project hahahaha
She saw me making it and she was feeling more stress than I do! Funny girl.

This is how the whole cake looks like. If I'm not mistaken, the cake was 12in x 16in. My cousin drew the logo out herself and it looks perfect!
It was a heavy cake! Pity my cousin, she had to carry it herself to workplace where she organised her charity tea thingy.

Anyway, here are some photos of every little thing :P

Little people that I made to put on the cake!

Cement trucks and trucks that carry the sands (I don't know the name of it lol)

Cute little offices at the construction site.

A lazy ass worker hiding under the tree. jokes.

 More trucks :P

and these are the Piling Rig, Excavator and Concrete Truck (I'm not sure about others haha)

The cake receives a lot of good response! My cousin's boss even took the trucks and cranes home for his children to play with. So cute! :D


L said...

They are simply too cute!!! Once again, Good Job!!

fiery said...

haha thank you so much weyyy! :D:D:D:D

Jo Serwey said...

Thank kiuu Leeeeeeeen!! :D :D :D

Thanks Lil!