Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tony's 65th Birthday

It was my manager's birthday few days ago and I surprised him with the best birthday cake of his life!  :P Well, I think so anyway hehe

Few weeks before his birthday, he asked me if I can make a cake for work. He knows I bake a lot, but he didn't know I don't do normal cakes. lol

So I said ok to him and basically told him I will make something nice :)

I went home brainstorming and googled for ideas. I know I'm going to do something with birds and bird watching because it is one of Tony's hobby. He would go anywhere with his lovely wife for a weekend getaway of bird watching.

After sketching and googling, this is what I came up with :)


 I have to admit that this is actually my second try in decorating this cake. I wasn't happy with the color that I put together for the first one, so I had to redo it again. :) I'm very happy with the outcome, thank god I change my mind haha

 The base cake is a Lime and White Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Buttercream and the fat tree with Tony in it is a Red Velvet cake.

Do you like the cheeky bird on top of Tony's Binocular? :D

My workmates were all impressed with  my cake decoration skill and asked me how long it takes to decorate. Honestly, it took me 8+ hours to decorate this cake, not including the time for the first decoration. If I ask my cousin to do a 8 hours cake decorations with me, I think she will run away. Sounds crazy isn't it? The time just passed so quickly when I'm doing this. But I really enjoy it! 

I made up 2 Australian Birds using fondant and play a little game with Tony. 
I pointed at the blue bird and the black bird and asked him to guess what bird it is, and he looked at the blue bird and pretty much in 5 seconds he said it's a Fairy Wren! I couldn't believe how fast he can recognize the bird! Especially it's fondant bird!  Impressive! 
He couldn't guess the black one as he hasn't seen it before. 

Here is it, the Splended Fairy Wren

and the black bird is Tawny Grassbird.

Cute birds isn't it :D

Tony whipped up his camera and started taking photo of the cake! He totally loves it!

He didn't want to eat the top tier (Tree cake and Tony with binocular), he brought it home and kept it. :) 

Happy Birthday Tony! Better eat the cake now before it goes stale :P


Bryt said...

omg you always amaze me! Such an incredible beautiful job. No wonder he didn't want to eat part of it!!!

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