Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Nuffnang was having a Product Talk Bonanza this month and one of the product was Tefal Easy Pressing Steam Generator.


I've always wanted to get one but because I don't really iron my clothes :P 
So I don't have much reason to get one + the iron at home is still working fine. 

Well, Nuffnang must have read my mind, by having the Product Talk, I have the opportunity to try one of these baby :D

To have a proper test out, I set up the ironing board, have my NEW Tefal Easy Pressing Steam Generator, old iron and a really crumpled shirt from Joe.


You won't believe this, as I was carrying the old iron out, the water from the iron just dripping everywhere! I think the iron is not happy with the new sexy Tefal.

Okay, this shirt is the one that I'm testing on. 
I'm going to iron right side with my old iron and left side with Tefal.


My iron has the steam function too.
The ironing was alright, going up and down the shirt 5-6 times to get the part of the shirt look straight. 


Testing the Tefal on the left side. 

Turbo steam! Gliding on the shirt 2-3 times and pretty much done in a few second! 0_0

Let's see the difference of the 2 irons.


Can you see it?  Here, a closer look.

It is very obvious isn't it?
and the crease on sleeves and pants are more pronounced/defined than with a regular steam iron

Actually Joe was the first one to try out the new Tefal Steam Iron because he has some working shirts that are super difficult to iron. Joe is very particular with shirt being perfectly straight. Why I know that? It's because of me. Apparently I'm a lousy iron-er! 

Anyway, Joe tried it on a couple of shirts that he knows it's super difficult to iron. He was amazed with the outcome! With the steam, it just glides over the shirt and don't need to put too much effort! It makes ironing feels really easy! The shirt looked new after ironing it using Tefal!

Other than the easy ironing part, the design of it is very very thoughtful. Well designed in terms of safety and conveniences.

Here are some of the thoughtful bits..

Easy ironing, the iron glides over your clothes so you don't need to put too much effort.
Vertical steaming
Large tank of water. 1.8L :D So you don't need to refill so often.

Iron lock so that it doesn't fall over when moved.
Turbo function for a rapid burst of steam.

Multiple steam and heat levels to suit different clothing types

Anti Calc Function, so you can use tap water! Saves you the major hassle of buying distilled water. Calc is collected in the boiler, prolonging the life of the steam generator. It is recommended for people who's tap water is particularly hard (Ie high calc content) use 50% tap and 50% distilled water.

Electrical Cable retractable

Auto shut-off for the forgetful types (ME!)
Quick heat up 2 mins, (ready to use by the time you prepare your ironing board and first garment)


Wire can be tucked away 

"EasyCord system" manages the iron cord better so it doesn't get in the way of ironing or drag on your clothes.

Not like the old iron that I have. 

Auto clean functionality
Made in France

Even Frances had a go with it too with her difficult-to-iron skirt.

She was really happy to see her skirt is finally crinkle-less! 
She's totally loving it! ^_^

She said it was gliding on the skirt and didn't have to press it while ironing! Easy! :D

I'm glad that there were Joe and Frances testing it out with me! Love to hear different opinions!

There's a few things that you need to take note for this product though..

For example, it is better not to iron while everybody is sleeping.. because the steam can be quite loud especially if you use the TURBO button :P It will go PHHHHHSSSSSSSSTTTT

It is a bit bulky and a little heavy but it is expected.

Instruction manual could be more detail and of course, be careful with the steam. 

Tefal Easy Pressing Steam Generator is worth getting if you iron clothes very often and for busy people. Definitely saves ironing time especially you don't have to iron the same spot over and over again and there's noneed to spray your clothes with water before ironing!
It makes ironing more fun!

If you are getting it, it is recommended to get a mesh ironing board too, otherwise the steam will gush out sideways and potentially onto your hand. 

Have fun ironing! :D


mahesh sam said...

It is so expensive here in Malaysia. I bought this iron for AUD180 in Harvey Norman, Melbourne, australia.

I would recommend this iron to all who want their clothes ironed without creases.

Anonymous said...

I liked tefal iron because their product are very well.

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Unknown said...

Perfect!It's so stylish! An iron with all latest technology needed with an iron..I also prefer tefal's Tefal superglide fv3680g1 Steam Iron Review

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi tefal steam iron is very best but i dont know what happened to it.its not taking steam even i press the button also..and other ghing is that anti calc lock is little broken and the steam does not stay in it come out..plz suggest me sme ...thanks

Theja said...

Steam iron is very easy to handle. In normal iron Box , we need Fixing Board for fixing clothes to iron. It also make some creases on garments. The best steam iron do not need any fixing board. It can iron the clothes which are hanged in the closet.