Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I got an email yesterday saying one of my workmate (from other department) resigned from her position. I was curious so I asked her why. She told me, a few weeks ago, she went out with her children and parked her car at one of the Subi carpark. She got out of the car and while she was locking it, she heard "cracks" and suddenly black out.

A tree branch just fall onto her head and knocked her unconscious for a bit. She showed me the picture of that tree branch, it was huge! Ambulance came and brought her to the hospital for further check up.
Now she left with shoulder, neck and head pain everyday. Poor thing.. This incident made her see her life differently now and she is going to rest at home and spend more time with her family. I hope she will get better soon..

Everybody telling her she was lucky that she is alive.. Well, I think so too because I heard a worse one from my manager.

He told me 2-3 years ago, at Aruluen Park, a guy was taking photo for his girlfriend or wife.. not sure.. and next thing he saw was a tree fell over on her! She didn't survive. I felt so sad after hearing it. Feel sad for the guy because he saw everything and nothing he can do, feel sad for the girl, she's just there for a visit.

Please becareful with these trees.. I think it's either call Mary tree or Double Widow tree. They are native trees. The reason why they fall so easily is because the roots of the trees just growing on the surface of the ground instead of going downwards into the ground. That way the trees aren't strong enough to support. The trees is everywhere too.. it's hard to prevent and at least be aware.

Happy Anzac Day tomorrow :)

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