Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch @ The Precinct, Victoria Park

I'm so glad that I found this newly opened bar and restaurant in Vic Park! Honestly the look of the restaurant doesn't really feel like it should be here in Vic Park... BUT NO COMPLAINTS! I am totally happy and excited that they opened in Vic Park! Near me lol :P Get to eat good food every day~

Interior looked awesome! Comfortable seating and just nice in terms of spaces.

I like the paintings on the wall. Painted by Marek Szyler. Go in and have a look, they have 4 more sections. Looks awesome!

The menu was very appealing. I felt like having everything on the menu! They have Turkey Wings, Gnocchi & Pull Pork and even a whole fish! If it's not because my friend is quite a small eater.. I would have ordered moreeee haha.. really tempting.. but I controlled myself. Life is hard isn't it haha

We had Sliders Trio. It was yummo! Believe it or not, it's actually vegetarian burger.

Pork Scrunchions and Pickled Eggs
Generous! Nicely done scrunchions. Crispy, salty & crunchy!

Yammous & Tortilla crisps
Which is the sweet potato dip with Tortilla crisps.
This one is so-so. The tortilla Crisps can be better in terms of taste and texture.

My friend had flat white. I didn't try so I don't know if it's good. But my friend did burnt her tongue a bit for the first sip.

I was looking for sugar for my friend and saw this jar on the table. At first I thought it was some condiment or something until I smell it. It's actually made from sugar cane and all the way from Columbia! It smells really goooood... :) I wish I can have a cup of coffee to try this lol

Lastly, the dessert. Pavlova roll with lemon curd.
Quite a disappointment.. I was really looking forward to a nice crust on the pavlova roll..
Not sure if they did this on purpose (maybe their style?) or they put it in the fridge for too long.. or didn't bake well. It was marshmellowy though..

I'm looking forward to try more of other dishes because it sounds good and delicious! Maybe you can see me there next week! :D

The Precinct
834 Albany Hwy,
Vic Park
Ph 9355 2880

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