Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Hi Tea

How's everyone's long weekend? I'm sure it's one hellofafun weekend!
I have been staying up til 4am every night hanging out with friends! Although it was tiring but it was awesome!

We started on Thursday night, from guys drinking/chillout session to Karaoke night at home! Alan has set up a karaoke program thingy for me and it is the best thing in the world!!! I can sing Karaoke anytime! OMG! I don't have to go to Utopia lol Thank youuuuuu Alaaannnnnnnnnnnn! We were so happily singing and lost track of the time! :D

Then on Friday night, 2 of our friends were back to Perth for a visit. We prepared a huge steamboat party for them. 3 hot pots! Non spicy hot pot, Tom Yum Soup hot pot & Super Spicy hot pot! So gooooood...

Played Ping Pong and sing Karaoke too. Then around 1am in the morning, after most of them went home, Angel and I got a bit hungry and we started baking!

See what we baked! Egg shell Cake and Easter Egg Buttermilk cupcake!

Saturday all of us went to play badminton for 3 hours.. we are still SURVIVING!!!!
At night, Joe and I just chilled at home and watch drama whole night long.. Oh and I baked too.. for the Easter Hi Tea with the Girls!

We each made 1 or 2 things for our girly Easter Hi Tea.

We have Lemon Slices. I cut into round shape to make it look nicer~ but failed haha

Vicky's Godiva Easter edition chocolates, Mira's Egg sandwiches and Failed scones (<---mine lol)

Angel's Profiteroles

Jenny's Butterfly shaped sandwich

and Jenny's Healthy mix!

Of course we camwhore a bit before we started :P

and there you go.. a proper photo of us :)

While we were indulging with the food.. we noticed something has gone wrong with the chocolate!

Melted!! Because it was a hot day.. the chocolate melted and the chick just decided to have a dip into the puddle!

On Sunday night, Joe and I decided to open a bottle of French Wine.. It's my favourite Chateau La Nerthe 2004 Cuvee Des Cadette.

What a beautiful and hectic weekend! :D

and now.. back to working daysssssssssssssss nooooooooooooooo...


Anonymous said...

Love the chocoalte bit, just too funny.....

ching∞ said...

eeerrr.. can Alan come over to install the karaoke thing for us too?! hehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!

everything looked so nice and yummy! lurve it!