Monday, April 30, 2012

Congratulations to S & A

This is a long overdue post, but happy things must share no matter how late it is! :D

 After looking at the photo above, I'm sure you can guess what it is already!
It was my friend's Steve & Angela's big day last month and I'm honoured to be their photographer & the person who make the cake for them!

These are some of the photos that I took on that day.. :)

Aren't they both look lovely?? Awww... So much love in the air ~~~~

The cake that I made was a success for me :)
It was my first time making such a huge cake and for such an important day! Honestly, I was stressed  for a bit because there were so many "just-in-case" in my mind! Thank god that cake turned out the way I expected!

Drunk Angela and Steve on top of the cake! (that's how they are when they are drunk in real life lol)  Made some silhouette of alcohol bottles too because they are both alcohol lovers :)

The only thing that I never thought of is the heaviness of the 2 tier 12inch + 8inch size cake! They were HEAVY!!! Luckily Joe helped me carry the cake!

The best part was I was told by Steve and Angela's friends that the cake tasted awesome! I was sooo happy to hear that! Thank you so much to YOU that liked my cake! Made my day :D

Anyway, anybody need cakes for any occasion like birthdays, baby shower or anything? Let me know! I'm happy to customise your very own cake for you!

Happy Monday! :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I got an email yesterday saying one of my workmate (from other department) resigned from her position. I was curious so I asked her why. She told me, a few weeks ago, she went out with her children and parked her car at one of the Subi carpark. She got out of the car and while she was locking it, she heard "cracks" and suddenly black out.

A tree branch just fall onto her head and knocked her unconscious for a bit. She showed me the picture of that tree branch, it was huge! Ambulance came and brought her to the hospital for further check up.
Now she left with shoulder, neck and head pain everyday. Poor thing.. This incident made her see her life differently now and she is going to rest at home and spend more time with her family. I hope she will get better soon..

Everybody telling her she was lucky that she is alive.. Well, I think so too because I heard a worse one from my manager.

He told me 2-3 years ago, at Aruluen Park, a guy was taking photo for his girlfriend or wife.. not sure.. and next thing he saw was a tree fell over on her! She didn't survive. I felt so sad after hearing it. Feel sad for the guy because he saw everything and nothing he can do, feel sad for the girl, she's just there for a visit.

Please becareful with these trees.. I think it's either call Mary tree or Double Widow tree. They are native trees. The reason why they fall so easily is because the roots of the trees just growing on the surface of the ground instead of going downwards into the ground. That way the trees aren't strong enough to support. The trees is everywhere too.. it's hard to prevent and at least be aware.

Happy Anzac Day tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dinner @ Hometown Kitchen, Parkwood

This post is long overdue! Pardon me because I am still going to post this up although I can't remember the flavours vividly. :) But I can assure you that this place is the place to go!

and that place is Home Town's Kitchen! My workmate have been telling me about this place since they open a year or nearly 2 years ago and I was finally there to try! Food was gooooood... trust me.

See how pack it is! Fully booked! I was there for a welcoming and farewell for WC's family. Welcome her family to Perth for a holiday and farewell to WC because she's leaving to Chile for her adventures! If you wanna follow her on her blog, click here!

You will see some Specials on the wall, I didn't get to see most of it as I'm sitting far back.

Anyway, I better show you the photos of what I had that night. Sorry it was nearly 2 months ago I had it + I didn't make the order, so I don't remember what the dishes are called. I think the photo will tell you everything :P

Oh their homemade herbal tea and tofu!

and look at their curry fish pot !!!! So HUGE! Delicious!

I love it! I can eat that by myself hahaha kidding

Herbal Chicken

Home Town's Kitchen has becoming more and more popular since they opening. Food is good, a lot of choices, and feels like home :)
Remember to make a booking first before you go!

Hometown Kitchen
78, Vellgrove Ave Shop 6
Parkwood WA 6147
Ph 9457 8889
Closed on Tuesdays
Opens for lunch and dinner Monday - Sunday

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch @ The Precinct, Victoria Park

I'm so glad that I found this newly opened bar and restaurant in Vic Park! Honestly the look of the restaurant doesn't really feel like it should be here in Vic Park... BUT NO COMPLAINTS! I am totally happy and excited that they opened in Vic Park! Near me lol :P Get to eat good food every day~

Interior looked awesome! Comfortable seating and just nice in terms of spaces.

I like the paintings on the wall. Painted by Marek Szyler. Go in and have a look, they have 4 more sections. Looks awesome!

The menu was very appealing. I felt like having everything on the menu! They have Turkey Wings, Gnocchi & Pull Pork and even a whole fish! If it's not because my friend is quite a small eater.. I would have ordered moreeee haha.. really tempting.. but I controlled myself. Life is hard isn't it haha

We had Sliders Trio. It was yummo! Believe it or not, it's actually vegetarian burger.

Pork Scrunchions and Pickled Eggs
Generous! Nicely done scrunchions. Crispy, salty & crunchy!

Yammous & Tortilla crisps
Which is the sweet potato dip with Tortilla crisps.
This one is so-so. The tortilla Crisps can be better in terms of taste and texture.

My friend had flat white. I didn't try so I don't know if it's good. But my friend did burnt her tongue a bit for the first sip.

I was looking for sugar for my friend and saw this jar on the table. At first I thought it was some condiment or something until I smell it. It's actually made from sugar cane and all the way from Columbia! It smells really goooood... :) I wish I can have a cup of coffee to try this lol

Lastly, the dessert. Pavlova roll with lemon curd.
Quite a disappointment.. I was really looking forward to a nice crust on the pavlova roll..
Not sure if they did this on purpose (maybe their style?) or they put it in the fridge for too long.. or didn't bake well. It was marshmellowy though..

I'm looking forward to try more of other dishes because it sounds good and delicious! Maybe you can see me there next week! :D

The Precinct
834 Albany Hwy,
Vic Park
Ph 9355 2880

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Hi Tea

How's everyone's long weekend? I'm sure it's one hellofafun weekend!
I have been staying up til 4am every night hanging out with friends! Although it was tiring but it was awesome!

We started on Thursday night, from guys drinking/chillout session to Karaoke night at home! Alan has set up a karaoke program thingy for me and it is the best thing in the world!!! I can sing Karaoke anytime! OMG! I don't have to go to Utopia lol Thank youuuuuu Alaaannnnnnnnnnnn! We were so happily singing and lost track of the time! :D

Then on Friday night, 2 of our friends were back to Perth for a visit. We prepared a huge steamboat party for them. 3 hot pots! Non spicy hot pot, Tom Yum Soup hot pot & Super Spicy hot pot! So gooooood...

Played Ping Pong and sing Karaoke too. Then around 1am in the morning, after most of them went home, Angel and I got a bit hungry and we started baking!

See what we baked! Egg shell Cake and Easter Egg Buttermilk cupcake!

Saturday all of us went to play badminton for 3 hours.. we are still SURVIVING!!!!
At night, Joe and I just chilled at home and watch drama whole night long.. Oh and I baked too.. for the Easter Hi Tea with the Girls!

We each made 1 or 2 things for our girly Easter Hi Tea.

We have Lemon Slices. I cut into round shape to make it look nicer~ but failed haha

Vicky's Godiva Easter edition chocolates, Mira's Egg sandwiches and Failed scones (<---mine lol)

Angel's Profiteroles

Jenny's Butterfly shaped sandwich

and Jenny's Healthy mix!

Of course we camwhore a bit before we started :P

and there you go.. a proper photo of us :)

While we were indulging with the food.. we noticed something has gone wrong with the chocolate!

Melted!! Because it was a hot day.. the chocolate melted and the chick just decided to have a dip into the puddle!

On Sunday night, Joe and I decided to open a bottle of French Wine.. It's my favourite Chateau La Nerthe 2004 Cuvee Des Cadette.

What a beautiful and hectic weekend! :D

and now.. back to working daysssssssssssssss nooooooooooooooo...

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy 7th Year Anniversary!

Today Joe and I celebrated our 7th year anniversary!
Wow.. 7 years together!
Even when we talked about it.. we both goes "Woah! 7 years man...!"
People always says 7th year is the dangerous year, but to me, our love has become stronger every year and made us closer every time. I'm so lucky that I have him in my life, he gave me encouragements, gave me strength, supports me and most importantly he makes me happy. He taught me the meaning of life. I can go on and on about him and you would probably click the close window button! LOL.

We sort of celebrated our 7th year a week earlier at Restaurant Amuse for the dessert degustation that they hold for Eat Drink Perth event. Since it's such a "sweet" event, why not right? :)

The Restaurant Amuse's Dessert Degustation was absolutely awesome experience.
Firstly, I have never had so much dessert in my life for 1 night.
Secondly, it was such an honoured to be able to have Hadleigh Troy's dessert creations. I saw him that night too!

There were 11 courses in the degustation. Can you imagine having 11 types of dessert in 1 night? :P Freaking sugar high lol

I have Espresso Martini to start with. I totally love this cocktail! You've gotto try it!

Now first up, Caramel, white chocolate and wasabi.
Which is Caramel parfait in a white chocolate and wasabi shell.
This is like a bomb in your mouth. Cracked in your mouth and the smooth and creamy white chocolate oozes out and melt on your tongue.. woah.. orgasm man.. so damn good.

Chimay 2011
Chimay Blue 2011 sorbet, barley foam with a pretzel and salted cashews.
Less fancy on this.. it was nice until I had a quite hard to bite pretzel. :P

G & T
Gin and Tonic jelly with a drunken sponge encased in marshmallow, topped with lime zest.
Another favourite of mine. I totally love the marshmallow and the lemony taste of it.

Lychee, banana and finger lime.
Lychee as a mousse, a gel and freeze dried served with coconute pastry cream, banana puree and Gingin finger limes from Marvick Farm.
I love everything on this plate! I love lychee I love banana and I love the look of finger lime!
Honestly.. dried lychee.. what an awesome idea! I had dried durian before from Thailand, it was GOOD and dried lychee is equally awesome!

Mike Thompson (Galapagos, Mana Lucie, Snow White, Thai Pink Lady, Green Grape, Orange Cherry, Princep Borghese, Marmande, Pale purple & Black Plum) 10 different types of tomato made as a sorbet with verjuice and balsamic pebbles finished with Hessop.

10 different tomatoes used in this sorbet, can you imagine? it's totally insane!!! I will give this dish plenty of stars with ++++ on it because it's actually savoury but in dessert form! Balsamic pebbles! OMGOSH. it's like drinking Tomato soup but COLD and FANCY!

Bee Pollen and Crunchie
A blast back to 2008! Bee pollen milkshake with honeycome crunchie.
Love the old school bottles. Diggin it :D

Hay, Pollen and crunchie
Hay custard, fresh blueberries, blueberry syrup on cocoa and coffee crumbs with hay smoke.
I wish to have this again.. for some reason it's addictive! lol
There were smokes coming out of the jar when you open it, and you will smell smoke. It smells like cigarette smoke but nicer and smoother~ haha it tasted like smoke too! Quite cool.

Beetroot, pistachio and raspberry
Thirty second beetroot sponge, pistachio parfait, crushed mik biscuit and fresh raspberries.
To me, this dish is like palette cleanser. it was quite clean... if you know what I mean :P

Return of the 2007 Snickers
Chocolate and peanut butter mousse coated in caramel with a nougat ice cream.
It tasted like SNICKERS but BETTERRRR.

Apricot souffle served with a vanilla anglaise.
Just out from the oven! Fluffy, warm, smooth and yummmm

Last dish. Coffee Macaroon and bailey filled truffle.
So cute right?!! MINI Macaroon!

We were full from the dessert and on like sugar high that night! We talked nonstop like machine! But it was gooooooood.

As for the actually day of our 7 years, 4th of April, we decided to go back to where we first dated.
Fast Eddys.

We were Uni students back then and working part time at night. So Fast Eddys is probably one of the few restaurant thats opens midnight! I remember going to Fast Eddys during winter time at 1am in the morning.. it was FREEZING COLD!!! Got in and immediately order a pot of tea to warm ourselves, sometimes a breakfast meal to share and we will stayed till 3am in the morning then he sent me home after. <3

Anyway, before dinner, we went to the newly opened 140 william St Pigeonhole popup shop!
We thought it will be fun to pick something for each other in that shop as a small gift!

He got me an Eggling!(Check out their website) I can haz Petunia Flower popping out soon! I am bringing it to work to give my desk a lil colour~!

and I got Joe a mouse pad for his work! lol.. he wants one for a long time he said.. :P good choice! haha

It was a simple celebration but it brings back memories to when we were on our first date.
We were so thin back