Monday, March 12, 2012

30th Birthday surprise continues (II)

I have tons of back log post about my 30th birthday!! I'm gonna blog it (hopefully) daily :P hehe Good things have to share right? :D

2 weeks ago, I came to work with a lovely birthday surprise by my workmates!! I got a shock! A table full of yummy nibbles, a tower of gifts and cute decorations for my birthday!! What an effort! :D I even have a drawing of Batman holding a light saber sitting on a spaceship thingy and holding a balloon from one of my workmate! :D Cute!

I was literally sweating because I was so happy and excited that time! Speechless and not used to the lime light! But really really enjoying the moment :)

Especially.... waiting to open the gifts!! 3 boxes!!
Can you guess what they gave me?

They got me the Royal Albert Tea Set!!

OMFG ZDNGKEHWODKSWEKSNL *okay that's the sign of excitement!*
I wanted a good tea set for the longest time and I finally got one!!
Isn't it pweeetty?? The roses are so intricate my workmates were afraid to even hold it!
Classic.. I love classic stuff.. I'm gonna treasure it forever!! Thank you so much to my favourite workmates!!! <3 I'm gonna sip my cup of tea one day with this beauty :)

They surprised me more with this...

They put my face in the paper!
<3 Speechless hahahaha


On the night before we left to Malaysia, Franky and Alan dropped by our place for a lil chat.
Franky came in with a big canvas...then he handed it to me!

It's a painting done by him for my 30th birthday! How sweet!!
Apparently he has been planning and thinking on what to paint for me for weeks!
A painting about me.. about life..

It's a big effort doing this Franky, I really appreciate it :)
Now is here in my blog too for everyone to see. hehe.. Thanks!!!!

Birthday post more to come..... :P

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