Sunday, March 25, 2012

30th Birthday Celebration (IV)

My birthday seems like never ending this year! Yes! This post is about my birthday celebration again! hahahah Well, it's my 30th afterall! :P

My 30th celebration in Perth was organised by my boy! Celebrated last week :) He didn't want me to know anything at all except the date and start sometime in the afternoon. :P
It was quite difficult to plan my surprised birthday party as I was with him the whole week! (We were in Singapore for birthday trip)

Thank you soooooooooo much for throwing the lovely lovely birthday party for me.. I love it!!

All of them put a lot of effort on making this party happen! They planned on food and decorations together with Joe and helped to set up too! Thank you so much guys.. you are the best!!! :D

Look at how much food they prepared!

My cousin Eileen is my photographer for that day. hehe She helped me take a lot of photos! She knows how much I treasured the photos.. hehe

Joe got me this cup! I think it's hilarious!!

The weather was good, food was awesome, and great having my friends with me on my big day :D

I brought my SLR along to camwhore.. hehe

Photos with balloons always look great don't you think :P

Thanks to my family and friends for such lovely gifts!!! I love them!!

I got this crazy gift from my cousin Eileen!! When she carry it into my house, I was like... noooooo..... with that size and that heavy.... it might be.... "that" something that I always wanted.... and it was that something I always wanted!!! Kitchen Aid!!! Gosh!!! I'm gonna bake everyday!!! If I can cook breakfast lunch and dinner with it, I FREAKING WILL!!! Thanks Leen!!! You wait for your big present from me when you are 30 okay! hahahaha

I think my friends know me too well.. They got me what I will use or like! I camwhore with them pretty much straight after opening them! A Prada sunglasses, a lomo action sampler camera, a serving plate, a Kikki K voucher and a cartoony looking bag!! ARIGATOU MINASANNNN!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the food and thank you for being part of my 30th!!! Getting old is awesome hahahaha :D

Soooooo kidding.

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