Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentines Day Cupcakes

As you know Valentine's Day is just a week away! Have you planned on anything yet for your partner on this special day?
A romantic dinner somewhere~
A bouquet of flowers~
or.. a day trip somewhere?

Anyway, because it is a day full of love and huggies~ why not SURPRISE your special someone a box of cute and delicious cupcakes!

These cupcakes will be made fresh for you and your special someone!

These cupcakes not only lovely to look at, they are absolutely delicious too!
(You can even keep the bear and bees in a container if you don't feel like eating them!)

Look at the chocolate cream~~~ so yum!! Yes.. I couldn't resist myself.. I have eaten 3 cupcakes..hehe

If you like the cupcakes but you wanna change the words "Bee Mine" to something personal, just let me know! :D

Now, what are you waiting for?? Quick! Put your order in!

A box of delicious Chocolate Cupcakes
with Honey Bear and Be Mine Bees is

If you are interested in buying a box ( or a few boxes) of these cupcakes, please email me!!!

Don't forget you can customise the wording!
Eg. Frenz 4eva!
You can give it to your friends and even your family! It's Valentine's Day!! Shower them with your love!!

Pick Up:
Belmont, Perth.
Delivery within Perth Metropolitan $5 extra.
Weekends only.

Any day between 8th-14th February 2012.
8th-10th Feb Wednesday-Friday : 7pm-8pm pick up only.
11th-12th Feb Saturday & Sunday : We can work out the time.
13th Feb Monday : 7pm-8pm pick up only.
14th Feb Tuesday : Anytime between 8.30am-11am pick up only.

Any questions just leave me a comment! I will try my best to answer them. :)

Please order at least 3 days before the pick up date.


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Bryt said...

ahhh, gorgeous! love the teddy :)

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Bryt! :D

Mans said...

Holy moly!!! The cupcakes are sooooooo delicious! They look amazing and taste beautiful too!! Everyone MUST try your cupcakes!
You're so talented Jo. I know where to buy my homemade cakes now. ;)


Mans said...

Oh and thank you for the 'super mum' one. You're so so lovely!! Made my day! :)

Jo Serwey said...

Glad you enjoyed it Imas :)
happy valentines day to you and your famile!