Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lunch @ Chapels on Whatley, Maylands

Frances and I found this place beautiful place while we were heading to Mrs S for lunch. This shop totally got our attention because of the beautiful antique looking tables and chairs and the prominent red umbrella.

Inside is even more interesting! Beautiful settings, cosy environment and very oriental. They speciallise in tea. Everything with Tea. Tea pots, tea cups, all kinds of tea leaves, and they even have a tea tasting experience. Check it out here.

Both of us browse around for a bit and we found a lil outdoor area for us to have our lunch.

The shop is separated into 3 sections, the front of the shop is all about tea, then the middle section is the dining area (indoor and outdoor) then the back bit is a shop selling antiques, reproduction artifacts and gifts.

Anyway, let's start with what we had for lunch!

2 pots of Tea. Frances had the French Tea - Creme de la creme
I had the Silk Oolong.

Served with beautiful China by Royal Albert. Very delicate and very classy :D

Service was great. The waiters were very friendly and attentive.

First up.
Fresh Rice Paper Spring Rolls.

Honestly fresh and delicious. I totally loved it! The crunch, the freshness of everything! To die for.

Frances had the Chicken curry pie

and Smoked salmon Korean Sour Salad for myself.
Our lunch is quite good but there's room for improvement. The chicken pie was a tad dry. Thats all :) My Salad is hell healthy haha! But a huge bowl of it.. it's a bit too much for me. hehe but good.

I wanna go back there again to try the food that other food bloggers raved about... like the kimchi pancakes and the scones maybe?

After lunch, we went to the back section of the shop.

The shop were beautifully decorated too. Everything is so neat and tidy. The stuff they sell is amazing.

You just have to go there to have a look yourself.

Chapels on Whatley

196, Whatley Cres
Ph 9272 7738

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Wow...those look awesome! the tea sets are so beautiful!