Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dinner @ Hometown Kitchen, Parkwood

This post is long overdue! Pardon me because I am still going to post this up although I can't remember the flavours vividly. :) But I can assure you that this place is the place to go!

and that place is Home Town's Kitchen! My workmate have been telling me about this place since they open a year or nearly 2 years ago and I was finally there to try! Food was gooooood... trust me.

See how pack it is! Fully booked! I was there for a welcoming and farewell for WC's family. Welcome her family to Perth for a holiday and farewell to WC because she's leaving to Chile for her adventures! If you wanna follow her on her blog, click here!

You will see some Specials on the wall, I didn't get to see most of it as I'm sitting far back.

Anyway, I better show you the photos of what I had that night. Sorry it was nearly 2 months ago I had it + I didn't make the order, so I don't remember what the dishes are called. I think the photo will tell you everything :P

Oh their homemade herbal tea and tofu!

and look at their curry fish pot !!!! So HUGE! Delicious!

I love it! I can eat that by myself hahaha kidding

Herbal Chicken

Home Town's Kitchen has becoming more and more popular since they opening. Food is good, a lot of choices, and feels like home :)
Remember to make a booking first before you go!

Hometown Kitchen
78, Vellgrove Ave Shop 6
Parkwood WA 6147
Ph 9457 8889
Closed on Tuesdays
Opens for lunch and dinner Monday - Sunday

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