Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dinner @ Aisuru, Northbridge

I went to Aisuru Sushi today! Newly opened Japanese restaurant, focus on delivering good quality sushi.

Their widely open space with huge windows attract lots of passer by. I even saw this girl walked pass staring at everyone's food! She didn't even blink her eyes! Quite funny :P

Anyway, nice wide open space. Nice sushi bar settings. Friendly service too.
We got there quite early so we got a nice table. (When we left, the place was packed. In fact, it was full house at around 7pm)

We had some food to start.

Edamame $3.50
Nothing fancy, would prefer it salted :)

Creamy Popcorn Shrimp $15.50
Delicious! I love everything about it! Prawns were fresh, batter were light and crispy and the sauce is yummy! Quite appetizing!

Salmon Skin & Unagi Roll $18.50
I like it! Well balanced and I like the charred flavour!! I must say the sushi rice was great.

Black Velvet Roll $12.00
I like the name of it.. Just sound so... satisfying. Unfortunately, the sushi didn't satisfies me as much. Probably feels like a fancier version of California roll? I would much prefer the Salmon Skin & Unagi Roll.

Sweet Corn Tempura $9.50
Interesting dish! Perfect batter, nice tasting & well cooked corns. Drizzled with Truffle Oil and Aioli. Wow! I like it! :D Definitely goes really really well with beer! Too bad they don't serve alcohol :P

Chicken Teriyaki, Rice & Salad $15.50
Honestly... not a very nice dish.. the chicken could be more tender.. sauce wasn't impressive.. salad looks disappointing. It just doesn't worth $15.50.. Felt like they didn't put much thought for this dish at all. I know they are focusing and good making sushi.. but making a basic Japanese Teriyaki shouldn't be that difficult...

Agedashi Tofu $8.50
Taste ordinary and a lil bit pricey for a piece?

Overall, I love their sushi. Wide range and they even have Foie Gras nigiri Sushi & Hokkaido Scallop sushi! I would love to try their Torch Roll too next time :D

Aisuru Sushi
208 William St, Northbridge
Ph 9328 8578

Opens Tuesday - Sunday. Lunch and dinner.

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Kimberlee said...

Do they do take away sushi ???