Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Breakfast @ Hoi Bo, Bedford

Last Saturday morning, I receive several comments from a person call Anonymous. One of the comments is about Chicken Rice!

I'm a Chicken Rice fan. So when a person told me there's a restaurant that serves yummy Chicken Rice, I will be there! Pretty much straight away. Haha.

I went to Hoi Bo (this is the chicken rice recommended place) at Bedford at 11.15am, thinking we are still early as they open at 11am, so we should be able to get a table.

Yes we got a table. Lucky! Guess what, there's only 2-3 tables left! Wow.. near full house after 15 mins from opening business.

This restaurant is full of Asian. That's shows that this restaurant is good isn't it?

We ordered 2 types of Chicken rice. The Steamed and the dark soya sauce chicken.
The service was fast and efficient i must say. First up, A big bowl of rice and soup!

The soup was delicious! Seriously yum! It's the preserved vegetables soup. I used to drink this when I was young, my mom would always boil this soup for me because it's my favourite. Ahh.. I want this soup againnnnn.....

and here comes the Chickenssss...

The chickens were succulent for sure, smooth too. I prefer the Steam Chicken as it has the garlic oil to give the chicken extra flavour. Pretty sure there are no other restaurants in Perth does Garlic Oil on chicken rice. That's pretty authentic.

But to be honest, I think the flavour of both of the chickens were quite bland. (OMG I sound like the girl from MKR.. yeah! yeah~ yeah...) Although they cooked the chicken well, unfortunately lack of flavouring. This is just my personal thought anyway, everybody's opinions on authenticity of chicken rice is different. Do go try it! You might like it :)

But I will go there again on the weekends for their 'Saturday & Sunday Malaysian Lunch Special' 11am-2pm. Most dish only $9.50! I wanna try their Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Prawn Mee, Char kuey teow & hokkien mee! Oh how I wish they have Asam Laksa! Maybe if everybody request them to do it, they might consider.. hahaha

Hoi Bo Chinese Restaurant
180a Grand Promenade. Bedford
Ph 9371 2525

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