Monday, February 27, 2012

Lunch @ Malaysian Stall, Subiaco Market

Actually, I have no idea what's the name of this stall. I've tried to look for it, but can't find it, so I call it the Malaysian stall.

2 weekends ago, Joe and I went to Subiaco Market to try this sort of new shop in Subi Market. One of our friends tried it and raved about the delicious Char Kuey Teow! As a CKT fan, for sure rushing there as soon as I can to try it!

This is their menu. It's quite limited but I guess as long as their food is good, there's no need of having 1000 types of food on the menu :)

There you go, my plate of Char Kuey Teow (Penang Fried Keuy Teow)
I must say.. it was pretty good! Kuey Teow was nice and smooth, enough "wok hei" (wok heat) and taste authentic! and what's good about it was they were generous with crispy pork lard! Yummo~!

If, they can add the Si Ham ( a type of clam ) that would be PERFECT!!! The flavour of the Si Ham definitely will enhance more on the CKT.

Joe went for the Nasi Lemak.
Looks like the Chinese style Nasi Lemak but no gravy.
Joe was a bit disappointed to see that tiny little piece of chicken wing.. Actually I felt sorry for him because of the tiny little chicken wing! I even offered him to have my CKT.

Fortunately the rice was lemak-y and the sambal was good but Ikan Bilis wasn't crunchy.
So, overall Nasi Lemak taste okay but not satisfying.

I would go back and try other dishes. :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm gonna have an Awesome Birthday :D

Some of you might not know that my BIG THREE O is coming real soon.
Yes.. I'm gonna have a hell of a girly birthday parties!! I can't wait for my trip back to Malaysia! I'm going to celebrate my big day with my closest friends and my family! I can't wait! After that, Joe and I will head to Singapore! My birthday gift from Joe! I'm gonna eat eat eat!! Don't worry, I will help you eat too hehe..

My birthday actually don't start until the next weekend but I have been receiving birthday gifts from my friends!! SOOOOOOO HAAPPPPYYYYYYYY!~~~~ (^.^)

My first gift was from Weiching! She gave me a Urban Locavore box!
How awesome is that!! This box is totally a foodie heaven. Urban Locavore hand picked the WA best products each month and delivers them too!

This is what I got in the box!

I can't wait to try them all! Especially the finger lime.. really interesting. :D

Oh! and her family came to Perth for a holiday and gave me yummy pineapple tarts too!

My second gift is a Label Maker from Elisha!

As you can see, I can't wait, I have started using it! It is soooooooo nice to use!! I'm gonna label everything in the pantry, fridge, boxes and everything that I can label! Even Joe wants to borrow it and use it at work! :D

and my third gift is from Lillian and Cindy. I sorta knew they will give me something (some craft stuff) but just never thought that they surprised me with a lovely homemade plum cake baked by Lillian and beautiful toppers made my Cindy! Look at those pearls~!

OMG the cake is soooo cute I ate half of it! They were quite surprised I ate half of the cake. haha

Other than the cake, they gave me some lovely gifts and cute cards!!

Thank you so much for showering me with so much love everyone!! I didn't expect to celebrated my THREE O a week earlier! hahahaha It's kinda weird to tell people that I'm 30 soon! What a weird number for me! Oh well~ I'm sure I will get used to it. :P

Yay! Can't wait to meet my friends, family and a trip to Singapore in a few days time!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dinner @ Aisuru, Northbridge

I went to Aisuru Sushi today! Newly opened Japanese restaurant, focus on delivering good quality sushi.

Their widely open space with huge windows attract lots of passer by. I even saw this girl walked pass staring at everyone's food! She didn't even blink her eyes! Quite funny :P

Anyway, nice wide open space. Nice sushi bar settings. Friendly service too.
We got there quite early so we got a nice table. (When we left, the place was packed. In fact, it was full house at around 7pm)

We had some food to start.

Edamame $3.50
Nothing fancy, would prefer it salted :)

Creamy Popcorn Shrimp $15.50
Delicious! I love everything about it! Prawns were fresh, batter were light and crispy and the sauce is yummy! Quite appetizing!

Salmon Skin & Unagi Roll $18.50
I like it! Well balanced and I like the charred flavour!! I must say the sushi rice was great.

Black Velvet Roll $12.00
I like the name of it.. Just sound so... satisfying. Unfortunately, the sushi didn't satisfies me as much. Probably feels like a fancier version of California roll? I would much prefer the Salmon Skin & Unagi Roll.

Sweet Corn Tempura $9.50
Interesting dish! Perfect batter, nice tasting & well cooked corns. Drizzled with Truffle Oil and Aioli. Wow! I like it! :D Definitely goes really really well with beer! Too bad they don't serve alcohol :P

Chicken Teriyaki, Rice & Salad $15.50
Honestly... not a very nice dish.. the chicken could be more tender.. sauce wasn't impressive.. salad looks disappointing. It just doesn't worth $15.50.. Felt like they didn't put much thought for this dish at all. I know they are focusing and good making sushi.. but making a basic Japanese Teriyaki shouldn't be that difficult...

Agedashi Tofu $8.50
Taste ordinary and a lil bit pricey for a piece?

Overall, I love their sushi. Wide range and they even have Foie Gras nigiri Sushi & Hokkaido Scallop sushi! I would love to try their Torch Roll too next time :D

Aisuru Sushi
208 William St, Northbridge
Ph 9328 8578

Opens Tuesday - Sunday. Lunch and dinner.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lunch @ Chapels on Whatley, Maylands

Frances and I found this place beautiful place while we were heading to Mrs S for lunch. This shop totally got our attention because of the beautiful antique looking tables and chairs and the prominent red umbrella.

Inside is even more interesting! Beautiful settings, cosy environment and very oriental. They speciallise in tea. Everything with Tea. Tea pots, tea cups, all kinds of tea leaves, and they even have a tea tasting experience. Check it out here.

Both of us browse around for a bit and we found a lil outdoor area for us to have our lunch.

The shop is separated into 3 sections, the front of the shop is all about tea, then the middle section is the dining area (indoor and outdoor) then the back bit is a shop selling antiques, reproduction artifacts and gifts.

Anyway, let's start with what we had for lunch!

2 pots of Tea. Frances had the French Tea - Creme de la creme
I had the Silk Oolong.

Served with beautiful China by Royal Albert. Very delicate and very classy :D

Service was great. The waiters were very friendly and attentive.

First up.
Fresh Rice Paper Spring Rolls.

Honestly fresh and delicious. I totally loved it! The crunch, the freshness of everything! To die for.

Frances had the Chicken curry pie

and Smoked salmon Korean Sour Salad for myself.
Our lunch is quite good but there's room for improvement. The chicken pie was a tad dry. Thats all :) My Salad is hell healthy haha! But a huge bowl of it.. it's a bit too much for me. hehe but good.

I wanna go back there again to try the food that other food bloggers raved about... like the kimchi pancakes and the scones maybe?

After lunch, we went to the back section of the shop.

The shop were beautifully decorated too. Everything is so neat and tidy. The stuff they sell is amazing.

You just have to go there to have a look yourself.

Chapels on Whatley

196, Whatley Cres
Ph 9272 7738

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Early Valentine's Day Celebration

Hello~!!! How is everybody's weekend?? :D
My weekend was great! Well, I should say my Friday and Saturday was great as now is only 12 something in the afternoon while writing this post :P

Friday night is the usual friends hanging out night. We'll hang out at home talking crap, have a couple of drinks, have a good laugh, and the guys will have a ping pong marathon at home. I'm serious, it's really a marathon. They can play from 9pm-5am in the morning trashing each other. Well, while they are busy trashing each other, I did my Valentines Day Cupcakes ready to be delivered the next morning! :D

This is one of the Valentines cupcakes I did that night. It was ordered by one of my readers Imas. She is such a sweet girl! The reason because she requested to have the cupcakes written, one for her baby boy and another one for her hubby. What a sweet Valentine! Giving her loves to her family! I was touched by her love, I thought, it's Valentines Day, I shall share the love too! I made one more cupcake especially for her so they can each enjoy the cupcakes together! :)

On Saturday morning, Joe accompanied me to deliver the cupcakes. It was nice to see her, she's very friendly and her lil boy is soooooooooooo cute! We chatted a bit and guess what..

She made me delicious fritters!! So sweet of her :D
Nom nom nom~! Joe and I couldn't resist because it smells so good in the car.. so we ate a couple hehe.. Thanks Imas! Taste really yummy!

After that, Joe and I went to Planet Cafe at Mt Lawley to have breakfast. We agreed to celebrate our Valentines Day earlier because I will be working late on Valentines Day itself.

As Daily Planet Cafe is quite a new cafe and I have been wanting to go there since their opening, we decided to give it a shot.

No doubt, Planet Cafe is a nice looking cafe. Interesting layout and comfortable.

Joe had flat white and I had the usual English Breakfast.

Our breakfast was quite substantial!

Joe had the Bagel with smoked salmon sandwich and I had the 3 egg omelette with Tomato, mushrooms and smoked salmon.

I quite like my 3 egg omelette especially the tomato. I like the way the chef cook the tomato for some reason haha so juicy :D As for the omelette, it might need some more seasoning. Just felt a little bit tasteless.

Joe and I had a great long chat too sipping our coffee and tea. It was great!
After breakfast, we went home and have a short rest before heading to play badminton with a couple of friends.

I was really looking forward to play badminton as it was one of my favourite sport. Not a pro but I just like hitting the shuttercock. haha It's been soooooo soooooo long since I last play in a proper badminton court! I think since I was in high school?? Gowd.. I'm getting so old! hahaha

Anyway, our V Day celebration continues..

We went to the Polka Dot Vintage Fair at Scarborough Beach. We didn't know it's quite a small Fair so we didn't get ourselves anything..we walked around the beach and enjoyed the breeze :)

Our dinner was planed by Joe. He chose Blackbird Restaurant in East Perth because it's romantic and it has good reviews.

We chose to sit outside because of the view, the weather and I love the the street lights shining at the maple leaf tree. Accompanied with the French music that they played.. Gosh.. Felt like I'm in Paris!

Our drinks.

For starters, Amuse Bouche.
It's Prosecco Citrus Granita.

Good choice to make the granita using Prosecco the Italian Sparkling Wine. Definitely good to start the night with a little alcohol! :P Refreshing start.

Then we had the bread too. The bread was home and freshly made! It has a hint of Indian spices too. Interesting bread! We love it.

Entree: Duck Parfait, Chutney and crisp bread

Entree: Master stock pork belly, lychee and water chestnet

Entree was good. Their plating up - spot on. Totally look like a photo from a food mag. Impressive! Flavour - two thumbs up. The only down part - my pork belly was a bit rough in texture.

Mains: Pork chop and scotch egg. It was on special that night, so I couldn't remember what full name of it. hehe

Main: Black Angus Sirloin and triple cooked hand cut frites with bearnaise.

The mains were absolutely delicious. Flavour - spot on! Plating - spot on!
Joe absolutely love the pork chop. the flavour is perfect and especially love it because it was a lil charred. As for the Angus, the bearnaise sauce was delicious! They surprised me with a few drops of truffle oil... it's oh so yum! Although the sirloin was a bit over cooked (I ordered medium rare) But with the sauce + truffle oil.. I'm happy.

Service was great too! Really polite and attentive!

Did a bit of a camwhoring to mark our lovely day. hehe

We finished our V day by watching The Vow at the La Premiere. I'm in love with the La Premiere seats! Sooooooo comfortable!!!

The Vow is a great movie. Unfortunately there's more sad part than love part. A bit regret choosing this movie because I thought it's a happy love story but it's okay! It is still a meaningful movie! :P haha Should watch it! Well probably not on Valentines Day haha

So how are you going to celebrate your V day with your loved ones? :)