Sunday, January 8, 2012

So Lucky!

My friend made me feel lucky today! She prepared a lovely meal for 3 of us for a girlie catch up! I have not felt this kinda warmness and love by friends for a long time.. So.. I would like to say thank you for preparing such wonderful meals for us! It was the best!

She bought everything, prepared everything, she even prepared nice serving plates! She knows I appreciates beautiful plates.. hahaha.. I was touched!

We had Miso soup

Red bean sticky rice


Tempura prawns and vegies <--- The BEST!!!

Japanese style salad


and she even made us dessert! Green Tea Ice Cream!!! Plus the Red Bean too that she prepared!
She doesn't want me to say her name here, so I had to keep my promise! :D

Anyway, I felt lucky to have such great friends in my life.. what would I do without you guys?
So friends! Here, I would like to thank you for accepting me for who I am, making me laugh always and be there whenever I need you to. I will remember always!

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