Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunch @ Govindas, Northbridge

Anyone been to Govindas before? I'm sure most of you have been there a thousand times!
Tell you something, it was my first time yesterday!
If it wasn't my friend Momoe brought me there for lunch, I wouldn't know the food there is so yum!

All you can eat delicious vegetarian food $10!!!
Rice, Dahl, mixed vegetable curry of the day, Pakora, dessert and drinks.
Lunch for $4.00 is a steal!

I was feeling a bit skeptical after I look at the food in the baymerie.

Left side is the sweets, and right side is savouries.
Basically, you just need to let him know you want the $10 buffet and food will be served pretty quickly!

Look at my $10 meal!

Huge plate of curry, rice, pappadum and a type of cake. A bowl of warm dessert and a cup of lassi. Honestly I have no idea what is what, but I have to say it is freaking delicious! I love it! The flavour of rice, potato curry and chick peas curry is perfect! After taking a spoon, you will just wanna shove yourself mad.
I love the dessert too! Not sure what is it call, but taste like Sticky date pudding except the sauce was condenced milk. My friend had 3-4 bowls of that because she loves it so much. I wish I can eat like her! haha

I couldn't finish everything because I was so full! Didn't even want to refill! :D Maybe I'm a small eater now hahaha 0_O

I would go back there again DEFINITELY.

Govindas Hare Krishna Food
194 William St, Northbridge
Ph: 9227 1684

Mon-Fri 11.30 - 2.30pm (dine in & Take away)
Budget Take away meals
4pm-7pm $4

Govinda's Restaurant (Hare Krishna Food For Life) on Urbanspoon

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