Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good 2011 and Happy 2012

I had a wonderful New Year's Eve yesterday! We had Taiwanese style spicy steamboat, played xbox kinect, saw beautiful fireworks, played sparkles, celebrated and surprised our friend Franky's birthday!! What a night!

and oh! I cleaned the squid myself!!! Joe decided to teach me how to clean it because he will do quite a bit of squiding this year as his friend Will is mad in love with squiding. I don't mind~ I quite like squid anyway hehe

The reason why I was cleaning the squid is because we were preparing all the ingredients for steamboat for the night at a friend's place. Totally love the Taiwanese style spicy steamboat. We had 3 steamboats going. There were a normal non spicy pot, half non spicy and half spicy pot and the 3rd one is spicy pot. We can totally open a steamboat restaurant haha

We had a bit of rest and clean up the area for the birthday boy. He knows we are celebrating his birthday but definitely didn't know what we planned for him!

Franky recently has picked up a new hobby, which is painting. So we thought, we might as well get him a nice set of painting equipments to expand his hobby! All of us got him a nice easel with compartments, a painter apron, brushes, good acrylic paints and a few canvasses.

He loved it! He was impressed with the easel and stuff and thought that was it!
Then... we surprised him by telling him to use all these now and we are having a painting session together! That time he was quite tipsy as well! hahaha the boys have been celebrating NY a bit too early.

Joe and I set up the tables, gave everybody a square canvas that I have a traced image on. Most of them didn't know what's the lines all about on the canvas! After explaining to them, they got the idea of it and started painting! They were SERIOUS while painting as well!! I was really impressed!

Franky didn't know what they were painting but I don't think he has the time to find out anyway because he had a bigger canvas to paint on! It was funny!

See how serious he is!

Honestly, I was really surprised to see everyone concentrating on the painting. After observing them painting.. I really think everyone can be artsy and creative if they want it!

Now, below are the canvases that they painted! Nobody actually know how's the outcome is going to be like! We have our birthday boy to put them together like jigsaw puzzle. :D
He had no idea what is the painting all about and he manage to put them together... for quite a while hahaha

Before I show you the outcome, let me show you our drunken birthday boy's painting.

Love is spreading to everyone of us!
He even wrote "I am drunk"! hahahaha

Wanna see the outcome of our hardwork?? :D
There you go!!!

This is how it looks like after putting them all together!! We even asked Franky to laugh like that for photograph purposes hahaha
What do you think?!! I think it's AWESOME!!

We end our day with 12am NY Fireworks

and played sparkles!

How's your NYE??

No matter it is good or bad, 2012 is going to be a very AWESOME year!!!! RAWR!!!


L said...

creative idea with the canvases! A good round-up for 2011. :D Here's to an even better & awesome new year! Cheers!

Jo Serwey said...

Cheers L!!! Happy New Year!! :D