Monday, January 23, 2012

Dinner @ Hwa Ro, Northbridge

I went to try this new place last week! This shop used to be That's a little Thai Restaurant that serves authentic Thai food. But for some reason, they shut down. :(

Anyway, Hwa Ro opened up and it was a good crowd when I walked in.

I had a glance when I got in and customers were all Koreans.. I thought.. this is a good sign hehehee

Because it was only 2 of us.. so we only ordered 2 dishes..
oh and Joe had a beer too.
The beer bottle is so cool! They got the thingy for you to test whether the beer is cold or not!

Good beer :)

They served us some sides. They are all very tasty! I love the one on top left. Soya sauce cabbage. Yum

Then we have the Kimchi Jjeem.
Boiled Sliced pork in pork bone soup with special sauce seasoned kimchi.
OMG we love this so so much!!
For $30, worth it!!! it can actually feed 4 people! (We take half away because we can't finish it.)

and we had Go Gal Bi too.
Grilled Mackerel with special sauce

This one is alright.. tasted so so but it's grilled to perfection though.

After that, we had a loooooong walk because we were so full from the meal!
Then I stopped by at Amore for Durian Ice Cream hehe.. Yum~~~

Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant
118 Aberdeen St
Northbridge, WA
Ph: 9228 8823
Opens everyday for dinner.

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