Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wonderful week of CNY in Perth :D

How's everyone's CNY? Did everyone enjoy this festive season?
If you hang around Northbridge anytime last week, I'm sure you saw lots of lion dances around!

For my second week of CNY, I got my first red packet from our friends Franky and Mira! The first couple from our group that got married last year. A few of us went to his house to "Bai Nian".

Such a weird feeling that my friends gave me red packet! hahaha I'm used to receive red packet from elderly :P Wow.. I'm getting old am I??

They cooked us a meal that I have never tried before!

Korean rice cake soup and Chinese style "Pen Chai" Mix pot.

The Rice Cake soup was delicious! I can't stop eating it!
Very delicious stock and rice cake is just nice.

As for the Chinese style Mix Pot, I think it consist of 13 or 18 ingredients in it. I can't remember how many exactly but the reason why they have to have those number of ingredients is for luck.

Taste really yum! I like it too!

This is one of the ingredient in the pot. Egg wrap. :P Fiddly to make I know haha. thanks Franky for the effort! Give you and Mira 2 thumbs up!

After that we sat around the TV and cheer for the Tennis game! It was quite intense!!

and Djocovic won the semi final. Did you see the butterfly? :D

After that, we played "Yu Ha Hai" game! Translation should be Fish Prawn Crab!

Basically you just put the money on the animal that you wanna bet on and roll the dice to see which one wins! Easy game! :D

That conclude our night on Friday.

On Saturday, I went to have Brunch with Joe at Hai Bo near Inglewood. A reader told me about this place so I decided to give it a go! Will blog about it soon.

After that I went to Laneway Night Market with my cousin.

It's quite a cool and small market. Lots of quirky and vintage stuff. One of my cousin's favourite is the huge sushi pillow. I think it's a pillow.. ? haha it's cute!

As for me, I like the Tacos!

Poor guy making Tacos on a hot day of 40 degrees! I'm sure he is sweating like Djokovic. But his Tacos were yum! We had the Beef and Pork ones as the Beans sold out.

Then I saw the Burlesque boys running around Northbridge to promote their show at the Fringe World.

Look at the beautiful sky at 7pm :)

After that, went back to my cousin's house to bake! We were quite drained from the hot day so we weren't as energetic.. but we still manage to bake some yummy cookies! It's not an ordinary cookie... it's my favourite cookies that my mom always baked on CNY!

I'm so glad it turned out good!!! Not as pretty as my mom's but definitely taste as good! :D
I packed some in a container for my aunt too. Tadaa~~~!!! Look so pro!!! hahaa I think I can sell cookies too now :P

My aunt invited me to her house to have Popiah feast!
Look at how much food she prepared!

Popiah is Fujian/Fuzhou style Fresh Spring roll. Put whatever you want on the paper like crepe, roll it up and Nom!

Haha I didn't do very well in wrapping it. :P

After that we have Malaysian Ice Kacang!!! OMG look! My aunt got the ice kacang machine! I want one!!

She prepares everything from scratch! Unbelievableeeeee...

Mmm... taste so authentic!

After that I went to the CNY festival at Northbridge with my cousin! We are the only ones that miss out all the family reunion dinners, family gathering and I'm missing out my favourite Bai Ti Kong Night! Thats the night where you can see fireworks everywhere around our house! ( I was writing this half way, I stopped and Facetime with my family while they are Bai Ti Kong-ing :P Wow!! I love iphone! Feels like I'm at home! hahahaha )

Anyway, back to CNY Festival in Northbridge! Lots of people there! Lots of food! performances!

We had coconut juice! Refreshinggggggg!!!

Saw some performance.. I didn't take a lot of photos though.. :P because it was a hot sunny day and too many people.

I end my Sunday with friends and family at home, having spicy steamboat and watch the tennis final, Djokovic Vs Nadal. The most intense game EVER!!! 5-6 hours game!! Aren't they tired??

Congrats Djokovic to win the game and of course Nadal for being such an awesome competitor!! They are both awesome!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunch @ Govindas, Northbridge

Anyone been to Govindas before? I'm sure most of you have been there a thousand times!
Tell you something, it was my first time yesterday!
If it wasn't my friend Momoe brought me there for lunch, I wouldn't know the food there is so yum!

All you can eat delicious vegetarian food $10!!!
Rice, Dahl, mixed vegetable curry of the day, Pakora, dessert and drinks.
Lunch for $4.00 is a steal!

I was feeling a bit skeptical after I look at the food in the baymerie.

Left side is the sweets, and right side is savouries.
Basically, you just need to let him know you want the $10 buffet and food will be served pretty quickly!

Look at my $10 meal!

Huge plate of curry, rice, pappadum and a type of cake. A bowl of warm dessert and a cup of lassi. Honestly I have no idea what is what, but I have to say it is freaking delicious! I love it! The flavour of rice, potato curry and chick peas curry is perfect! After taking a spoon, you will just wanna shove yourself mad.
I love the dessert too! Not sure what is it call, but taste like Sticky date pudding except the sauce was condenced milk. My friend had 3-4 bowls of that because she loves it so much. I wish I can eat like her! haha

I couldn't finish everything because I was so full! Didn't even want to refill! :D Maybe I'm a small eater now hahaha 0_O

I would go back there again DEFINITELY.

Govindas Hare Krishna Food
194 William St, Northbridge
Ph: 9227 1684

Mon-Fri 11.30 - 2.30pm (dine in & Take away)
Budget Take away meals
4pm-7pm $4

Govinda's Restaurant (Hare Krishna Food For Life) on Urbanspoon

Monday, January 23, 2012

My 2012 Chinese New Year in Perth

How is everyone's Chinese New Year?? Today is just the second day! If I'm in KL, I am most probably sitting on the couch right now, watching CNY TV shows munching all the pineapple tarts away.. and sipping chinese tea~

But since I'm not in KL with my family.. I celebrated CNY the whole weekend with my friends and my cousin here in Perth! Yes.. we both missing home and trying to make our CNY as festive as possible! For me, I started my CNY pretty much 1 week earlier by watching tons of TVB Hong Kong drama and listening to CNY radio station while making my Chinese New Year Cupcakes! That also one of the reason why I didn't blog for a whole week! haha busy busy making cupcakes and catching up on the HK dramasss!

On Friday night, a group of us that didn't go back for CNY had our Yee Sang at Lok Fuk Restaurant!

Lok Fuk's Yee Sang taste yum! :P

We had Lobster Noodles too.
It was great to celebrate the festive season with our close friends with lots of laughters!!

We had a box of fortune cookies too that is not very fortune haha

Read what we have! They are not fortune words! I'm gonna fire the people who print this hahahah

Putting my Fish Eye Lens to good use :D

Saturday, we had the house cleaned and went for CNY groceries shopping. Bought some live crabs too for our reunion dinner!

I went shopping too to buy myself some new dresses for CNY! It's a tradition to wear new clothes new shoes on the first day of CNY. I ended up with 2 dresses for work, 1 top and 1 short pants. Oh and a pair of pretty sandals. :D

Sunday~!!! REUNION DINNER!! I was feeling quite excited for this day because I'm making my very first Yee Sang!

Bought some mandarin oranges too!

Tadaa!!! Yee Sang made by me! It was really easy and tasty! I followed Adam Liaw's Dragon Yee Sang Recipe!

I change the lobster to salmon instead because I don't know if I know how to cook the lobster hehe.. but Salmon is good too!

All fresh ingredients which is great!

We had a feast at home! So much good food!!! Everyone can't wait to dig in! :D

The dishes were prepared by everyone! Thanks for everybody's effort!
First we dig in and toss the Yee Sang! The Yee Sang was great! I like it because it's fresh and healthy!! Nom nom.

Alan's Beef Tribe Salad - DERISIOUUSSSS

Frances' Butter Prawns - SUPER DIRICIOUUSSSSS

Joe's Singapore Chilli Crabs with Mantousss - ALL GONEEEE

Vicky's Beef Brisket - YUMMMMM

Everyone in our group can really cook! I think I need to catch up on cooking more Chinese food :P

What do we do after dinner??
GAMBLE of course!

We played Black Jack and In Between!

In Between is a killer game. It's all from pure luck and it's kinda like a roller coaster playing this game. It's all good fun!

On the first day of CNY, it was my workmate's birthday too! I made some Yee Sang too for them to try.

They have no idea what it is but I told them it's the Chinese version of salad and what they need to do is toss it high and it gives you good luck!
They are keen on the good luck thing then anything else I think.. hahahaha Look at how we toss! All over the place! hahaha

It was good fun :D
after that we had yummy chocolate mudcake! It's so chocolateeeeeeeey!!! Yum.

Oh I saw Lion Dance too just outside Hawker's Cuisine! That just complete my CNY celebration :D

There will be Lion Dances in Northbridge if you wanna see the performance!
I know there will be one at Uncle Billy's tonight 9.15pm.
Probably some other restaurants too starts around 7pm. :D

If you are interested and wanna join in the CNY fun, check this out!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!! Get lot of Hong Bao (Red Packet) !!

Dinner @ Hwa Ro, Northbridge

I went to try this new place last week! This shop used to be That's a little Thai Restaurant that serves authentic Thai food. But for some reason, they shut down. :(

Anyway, Hwa Ro opened up and it was a good crowd when I walked in.

I had a glance when I got in and customers were all Koreans.. I thought.. this is a good sign hehehee

Because it was only 2 of us.. so we only ordered 2 dishes..
oh and Joe had a beer too.
The beer bottle is so cool! They got the thingy for you to test whether the beer is cold or not!

Good beer :)

They served us some sides. They are all very tasty! I love the one on top left. Soya sauce cabbage. Yum

Then we have the Kimchi Jjeem.
Boiled Sliced pork in pork bone soup with special sauce seasoned kimchi.
OMG we love this so so much!!
For $30, worth it!!! it can actually feed 4 people! (We take half away because we can't finish it.)

and we had Go Gal Bi too.
Grilled Mackerel with special sauce

This one is alright.. tasted so so but it's grilled to perfection though.

After that, we had a loooooong walk because we were so full from the meal!
Then I stopped by at Amore for Durian Ice Cream hehe.. Yum~~~

Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant
118 Aberdeen St
Northbridge, WA
Ph: 9228 8823
Opens everyday for dinner.

Hwa Ro Korean Restuarant on Urbanspoon