Monday, December 31, 2012

Round up for 2012

Few more hours to go!
Welcoming 2013 and it will be an awesome year! Agree? :D

So, what did I do in 2012?? I think I have quite a balance in this year.. Working and doing what I like!

I definitely have lots of birthday parties! At least one or two birthdays each month! I think we are running out of themes! haha

Below are our first birthday party for our January boy. We did a group painting of him and look how serious they were! I was really surprised!

First time made my own Yee Sang. So FRESH!

I had my 30th birthday in KL with my girls! It's has been a long time since I last celebrated my birthday in Malaysia.. It was memorable.

Then continue my birthday celebration in Singapore..

and last party in Perth!  Honestly a big one! :D

My workmates put my face on the paper!!! Good job girls!

Finally owned a Kitchen Aid. It's a birthday gift from my cousin!

Yep! Says it all. Damn.. 31 next year.. 

Made a beautiful set of picnic hamper for a friend's friend. 

First time celebrated Christmas in July and made this awesome Diablo birthday cake for my boy.

Joe got me a whole tea set. He knows I'm obsess with tea sets.

Went to see Mary Poppins. Best Show Ever!

Watched the most amazing game on TV.

Bought a whole lot of Toy food (edible) and made my friends to play with me. hahaha

Burger set is the best! Taste and looks.

Saw Heston in person.

Climbed the freaking Mount Kota Kinabalu. Can't walk properly for the whole week.
It was the most amazing thing I've done ever.

Finally found Chocolate that I love the most. It's not just Chocolate, it's art.

Seen the most ridiculous thing ever.

In love with Epic Meal Time and got ourselves the T shirts :P

Played Yu Ha Hai (Fish Prawn Crab) for the first time.

Seen the full rainbow twice. (I saw double rainbow too!)

My friend got me the oldest antique phone that she found while she was on a holiday. It was quite a heavy phone and it is still working!!!

Got myself a antique Ukelele in a bargain! 

First time enter Perth Royal Show Cake competition. I didn't win, but got Highly commended. I will try again next year.

Sis visited Perth in Oct for 2 weeks. Brought her around and had lots of good food! :D

Finally been to the Gnomesville.
It was a bit hard to find.. (blame the GPS) and it was a bit scary..  It feels like it was from the horror movie.. imagine there were thousands of different looking gnomes in the big garden...
Don't think I will ever go back there again..

Been to Japan at last. It was my high school dream.
One word. AMAZING.

had the most expensive melon, the juiciest pear, most plump strawberry and the grapes.. omg.. it's like grape juice wrapped with grape skin! Unbelievable!

Won all this with just 2000yen. I am the goddess of claw machine! Muahahahah!

Went to Gold Coast and adopted these babies. :D

Celebrated my 4th Year anniversary for my blog and had a hippo cake giveaway!
Thank you so much for your support, my readers!!

I have made around 40 cakes this year. The most recent one is this Snow Globe Christmas fruit cake.
For a person who just started this hobby as a cake decorator this year, I am honoured to be asked to make cakes from my readers! You give me passion, trust and happiness! Thank you!!!

Made plenty of macarons too... especially Durian Macarons and Salted Caramel flavour. It was the best! During Christmas period, I had to make 400 shells in one go! Of course I was panic! With this kinda summer heat.. I was lucky that the macarons turned out good!

Celebrated Christmas with family and friends at home. 
Had the most amazing christmas present! I got a ipad mini, my favourite Samsung galaxy camera (I will write a review on that), a Phillippa Sibley cookbook, hair curler, and many more!! Thank you so much for the lovely gifts! I'm spoiled!

Thank you for all your kind words my friends!

These were just a part of it.. I think I will look for it from my emails, facebook, twitter and blog again. hopefully I can find them and post it up. :)

and thank you for sharing your food !!! They were yummmmmm :)

I hope everyone enjoy the last few hours of 2012 and let's welcome 2013!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! Thank youuuu!!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Welcome to the new home Samsung & Mini

This must be an electronic year for me! Maybe I should say I am getting ready for 2013!!
Next year will definitely be a new and challenging year for me! With these babies, I think I will do superbly well lol!!

I am still learning to use the Galaxy Camera as I am a Mac user... Android is so different I had no idea what is what! But no doubt an awesome camera! It's like a combination of a mobile phone and camera except you can't make calls :p

So, how is everybody's Christmas? I hope everybody got what they wanted!! :D

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Cake For Sale

It's that time of the year again~! Jingle Bells!
Wow, time flies! I still remember the last time I was busy making those Christmas cupcakes and cupcake boxes myself! It was just a year ago! 

Well, this year I'm not making cupcakes but I have cakes instead!


Let me introduce to you the Snow Globe Cake!
I love snow globes! I still remember when I was young, I created my own snow globes using a jar, a cute plastic toy, some plasticine, gold dust and water! It was really easy!
If you are interested, I googled and found Martha Steward's tutorial for it here!

Are you still looking for a gift for your friends or family?? 

Instead of getting something that you are not sure they'll like, why not give them this cute and yummy Snow Globe Fruit Cake!

They can keep the Globe (for a long long time!) and they get to eat the cake!  Anytime!

I am sure they will be amazed when they see this. (You might get extra Christmas presents too maybe? lol)

If you are interested, you can order it from me through email at

4" Christmas Fruit Cake, decorated and wrapped beautifully. 
You just need to write To who and your name!  Easy!


Thank you guys!!! Order closed :)
Merry Christmas to you!!

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dinner @ Cai Jin Shui Bakuteh House, Thornlie

Before I went for my 2 weeks holiday, my friends brought me to this bakuteh house in Thornlie. (Near Spencer Village)

I love Bakuteh. I grew up eating Bakuteh. The soft meat on the bones, the tofu soaks up all the soup, and with some cut chilli... wah.. so nice.... ^_^

This Bakuteh house has been open for about 3 months now, husband and wife owner.
Simple deco but good food.

Some of the Signature dish is not on the menu, but don't worry, the owner will show you the photos of the dish and recommend them to you. Trust me, they are good!

The owner recommended this Chinese Tea that they have. I forgot what it is, but it was nice. I like it.

We had a bowl of Bakuteh to share. We didn't order more because we wanted to try other dishes as well :)
I am not sure what and how a perfect Bakuteh should be. There are probably many kinds but the one that I grew up eating is Klang Bakuteh. Which is thick soup, and has a very thich herbal flavour.
This one in Cai Jin Shui is more on the clearer soup base. Taste good still :)

Pig Stomach pepper soup.
Very generous! and well cooked.

Everybody's favourite. Fried Pork intestine!
Texture is right, cook just right and no smell! With a bit of pineapple and chilli, yum!
Should be the first in Perth? :) I wanna have it again!

Yong tau fu.
It gave me a homemade feel. Taste homemade too. But not my favourite. :)

Steamed Salted Whole Chicken.
I love this! Apparently it is confit and cook freshly for us! If you order this, please be prepared to wait around 30 minutes.

Overall, I love this restaurant. Definitely going back! There are dishes that we can't get here in Perth!
Price are reasonable too.

Cai Jin Shui Bakuteh House
Ph 9458 5005
Spencer Village

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