Sunday, December 11, 2011

T2 Kids Tea Set

When you are a little kid, do you play with plastic food, plastic plates or any other kitchen related stuff but in cheap plastics? In my country, we call it 'masak-masak', meaning 'cooking-cooking' if it's direct translation :)

Well, when I was a kid, I was obsessed with 'masak-masak'. I can play with it every day! Sometimes me and my brother will play 'Police-serves-delicacies-to-the-thief-in-the-cell' game. We even made a menu for it! Miss those fun and games :)

So, here comes the story. One day I was walking and saw the new T2 shop opened in the city. I went it, sniffed some sample tea leaves, check out the teapots and cups then I saw something really really mesmerising... That thing was staring at me at my face and putting words in my mind!

BUY me~~~~Buy ME~~~

So yea, I got them.
The cutest thing EVER!!!! T2 Kids Tea Set!

Isn't it nice?? Say YES!

Okay..okay... the tea set didn't brain wash me.. I just can't help it when I see cute kitchen stuff like this!!

The T2 Kids Tea Set comprises of a Teapot, Sugar bowl, Creamer, two Teacups and Saucers, Side plate and two Spoons.The tea set is sweetly wrapped up in gingham fabric that can be used as a little picnic rug for outdoor tea parties. Made from food safe melamine. The set will comprise of a mixture of several colours. Suitable for ages 3+ :D

I took it out and showed my cousin Jil when she was at home with me. As usual, people will show me a shock expression, but she agreed to play with me! She probably wasn't as excited as me but she definitely enjoyed taking photo of it! So win-win situation here! hahaha

We had Prince of Wales tea from Twinings and some yummy pastries from New Norcia Bakery.

Milk and sugar in my cup of tea please~
Normally I drink it black, but for this tea set! I am willing to change!!!

I know I know...I am nearly 30 but my 'masak-masak' obsession is still there! I am still excited when I see these! A bit crazy I know but I just can't help it. At least this set is a usable ones :P I can pour hot water in my tea pot and drink it for real!

So.. anybody wanna join me for a cup of.... Tea Shots? :P


ching∞ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! i take you to pasar malam and buy you "masak-masak" to go with your HIGGGGHHH class tea set ok? :p

Sabrina said...

This set is adorable, I saw it in T2 yesterday and was considering buying it hehe!! I love your photos of it with the picnic blanket :)

L said...

hey i saw this in T2 the other day too. cute! tea time is always fun! :)

Jo Serwey said...

Ching: unless the masak masak tht you r going to buy for me is usable :P I don't mind!! hahaha

Sab: Thanks Sab! Are you going to get urself one now? hehe

L: Lil, join me and hv some tea shots together haha