Saturday, December 17, 2011

I love my Christmas Cupcakes

Festive season is here! Meaning me going insane again!
In a GOOD way. haha

The reason why I didn't blog for daysssss is because I was busy perfecting a gift. Edible gift.
I have planned it for quite some time and all I need to do is experiment it, design it, taste test it, and perfect it!

and I did it. :)

I am so so happy with the final product!
Staying up late making this is totally worth it! :D

I'm very happy because I have finally perfect the basic vanilla cupcake! Light and fluffy!! Top with light & not too sweet buttercream! Which is the most important part of the cupcake!
As I am giving these cupcakes to friends and family, I taste test these cupcakes like.. so many times! Just to find the flavour and texture that I'm looking for.

After I'm happy with the cupcakes, now it's time to make the Christmas toppers!
Making these toppers is probably my favourite part of the process. :D
My ideas just kept expanding while I'm kneading the fondant and kept making more toppers!
I'm in love making the toppers!

I had one of my friend to come around and do this with me, I think I have kinda tini tiny winny shocked her for a little bit after looking at a table full of stuff just to make the Christmas toppers. She is one talented girl too! Learned really quickly and the most precious moment is when I saw her happy and excited face after making the toppers!
Well, actually both of us have that happy and excited face together haha like a little girl saw their favourite toy!

Now comes to transporting my cupcakes. I admit I am kinda fussy when it comes to packaging. I couldn't find a nice packaging that can hold 2 cupcakes in the shops. They either look plain or not my style. So yea.. I made my first and very own cupcake box! From measuring, creating, designing, cutting and putting them together!

My friends said I'm crazy, and I think I am too! Most of my friends and my cousin thinks that I bought the box! But they have to believe it because my cartoon character Mantou is printed on the box! Haha I just love their eyes big big and mouth big big look :P

Cupcakes all fitted in perfectly in the box and ready to go :)

I have given them all away as my christmas gift to my friends and family. Glad to see that they love it!

I miss my little snowmans... good thing is I have photograph them! Individually too! So I can look at them again every now and then haha

I was thinking... will any one of you would be interested to purchase the Christmas Cupcakes if I'm making them again for this coming Christmas (2011)? 7 days til Christmas! Maybe as a gift for your special someone? Please let me know if you are interested!

Anyway, little snowmans and me wishing you..

Yay! :D

Hi Everyone!
Sorry I had to closed off the ordering for the Christmas cupcakes due to huge demand.
Stay tune for my next cupcake project!
Thank you for the support everyone! Love you all!!!!!!


L said...

Nice pics. love those cute little snowmen!! Good thing u snapped pics of them so when u miss them u can look at the pics. haha. my mum commented that u're skillful in making the toppers! :)

Jo Serwey said...

haha tell aunty Thank Kiu!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm just sitting here stunned at how amazingly beautiful these are, they're incredible Jojo! And the box is sooo professional. It all looks so highly marketable, you need to go into business and sell these! Yes I would love to place orders for Christmas next year, let me know how much please!

Jo Serwey said...

Hi Judy!!! Thanks for the sweet comments!!! hehee but I'm selling this year :P Do you want it this year? haha

Sabatomic said...

Wow, the cupcakes and especially the toppers look really professional, especially with your custom designed boxes :O

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Sab! Thanks!! :D

Unknown said...

u are one very talented and inspiring gal.merry xmas to u.=)

Anonymous said...

Yes would love to order this year! Can I have two? Can you email me the cost and details as to when they will be ready?

Thanks Jojo!:)

PS I have a day off tmw so see you Tues.

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Lazy Meizy! Nice seeing you here :)

Hey Judy! sure sure. will email u :D

Bryt said...

oh wow!!!! what a great job, those are so gorgeous :) well worth the effort for sure!

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Thanks Bryt!! :D