Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I had an Awesome 2011 Christmas

Wow! This year's Christmas is probably the most busiest Christmas I ever had in my life!
I'm loving it!
I started my Christmas pretty early.. A week before! haha.. Met up with friends that I haven't seen for a while and gave them my Christmas Cupcakes! I think they were quite shock that I made them. hehe.. I'm glad that they like it! :D

Then my workplace had a little office xmas lunch with secret santa! So much food and drinks!

The day before xmas eve, Joe and I went to Dan & Elle's house to have Christmas dinner. Elle cooked so much lovely food for all of us! It's soooo delicious! I just kept eating and eating while they were talking :P

The ham is just perfect! I can eat the whole ham by myself! Okay, maybe not in a day :P Then we had the lovely pavlova as well for dessert!! SOOOOooooo goood!!!

Then the time that I'm waiting for!! Opening the pressies!!

I'm such a sucker for pressies. I don't know why! I just love pressies! Nicely wrap with cute papers, tie it with pretty ribbons, then you can tear the wrapper and box apart and there you go! There's something inside!!! :D
I love my pressie~ the M spoon that I always wanted and the beautiful jar of scented candle! Smell really really good too! Thank you secret santa~

On Christmas eve, we had BBQ at Alan's place!
The weather was nice, food was good and lots of laughters.

Joe and I came home around midnight to have a family Christmas night with Frances at home. We open a small bottle of champagne, sat around the Christmas tree and open pressies~ Best feeling ever~

We bought Karzan lots of gifts too! Santa Paws sent him a chewable card too! haha He loves his toys :) So cute!

Then on Christmas day, I prepared lunch for 3 of us (with Joe's help of course haha)
We had prepare summery entree, which is the Mango, avocado and Prawns appetizer. Mains is my mom's Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce. Sides are baked sweet potatoes and freshly picked tomatoes from our garden. Dessert is Chocolate Tofu Mousse. Oh and a glass of gin tonic. :P

We had a short rest after that and we watch a movie too! Guess what we watched! The famous Singaporean Movie - I not Stupid. hahaha

After the movie, we started our Boxing day party preparation.

Oh by the way, we roast a chicken for dinner. Yum!

Preparations for boxing day party aka birthday celebration is kinda insane. Cook 11 dishes and bake a cake for the birthday boy.

Below pic is Joe cooking his family traditional Christmas Dish. Devils Curry.

See how big a POT!!! Can feed me for a whole month!

While he is cooking, I decorate the house a bit more and bake a cake ready for me to decorate the next day.

Boxing day party was great! We all had a great time! I have invited my blogger friend Lillian and her friend Cindy to our boxing day party. It was fun having them! They are so friendly and funny too! Best thing was all of us including my family friend Weiching kinda have our Malaysian group at one corner, chatting happily away about Malaysia! Surprisingly found out that Cindy was actually studied the same college as me in Sunway! We know the same lecturers but just different year. What a small world!

Joe prepared all these dishes for the party! Alan prepared the Ox tongue, Franky prepared Fried Meehoon for the party too! Oh, I forgot to take some of the dishes... silly me.

Lillian brought her homemade macarons! Isn't it pretty?? So smooth and shiny!! Such a talented girl.

After dinner, we had a Quiz Night prepared by Franky and Joe especially for Mark's birthday! It's was hell fun!!! Everybody had a good laugh, scratching heads cuz they can't think of the answers and yelling out at the game host for more points!

After the games, we did the secret santa thing! Then a birthday song for the birthday boy!

Made this cake for him with my limited skills on fondant modeling. It's a rush job + never decorate a whole cake before. haha I did my best!! :P Him playing footy! with his West Coast Eagle shirt! Honestly the cake was a bit too sweet but happy it's edible haha oh wells!

Anyway, this is the gifts that I have received from everybody! So much loveeeeeeeeeee!!! I love all my gifts! I will slowly explore them throughout this year!
Thank you all! :D
I really feel that I'm the happiest girl on earth! I wish every weekend is Christmas day hahaha
okay.. maybe not :P

Have a lovely New Year Everyone just in case I forgot to wish you! :D

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wahhh! enjoy reading this post! such lovely moments! u got so many lovely gifts too! =)