Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hi Lillian!

I met my blogger friend today for the first time after knowing each other through our blogs for one and 3 months!
Not sure if you remember about a post about her few months back, where she sent my a postcard all the way from US!

Anyway, I was glad that we finally met! Great time to meet because of Christmas too~! haha Everything just seems so beautiful although it's quite a hot summer day here. We contacted each other through twitter and finally agreed to meet up at The Tuck Shop in Northbridge.

Photo grabbed from A Brewing Mind

A few weeks ago, me and my friends were playing with Instagram liking each other's photos. Then my friends asked me about a person call @iamlillian. (Me and Lillian like each others photos quite often too haha) They thought Lillian was my long time friend, because of the way we chat on Instagram! They were shocked when I said I haven't met Lillian before and I told them that we are blog buddies. haha. They just stared at me with weird eyes!

Few days ago, I told them that I'm meeting Lillian soon and they were quite excited for me! Honestly, I was nervous too! haha It's kinda weird but excited at the same time! You know.. just feel like going for a blind date! Nervous about all the "What if " !! But look at us!!!

We chatted for 2 and half solid hours and felt like old friends!!! I can't believe it! Lillian is such such such a nice and sweet and funny and lovely and down to earth girl! I'm so glad to meet her!

We both came with our handmade gifts! We are like kids excited and thrilled to receive pretty things!

I made her Christmas Cupcakes in a box! All from scratch! The cake, the decorations and even the box. I think she probably had a shock seeing it. Who the hell make things like this!?

I agree I went a bit crazy here but I really enjoyed it! Especially making for people that will appreciate it! It just make me really happy to see the happy faces when they receive my gifts unexpectedly! That feeling is their gift to me. :)

But hey, Lillian surprised me with her handmade MT tape bag and homemade macarons!!! PINK!

Thanks for the lovely gift Lillian, although you have already given me your handmade Christmas card!!! So much LOVEEEE!! hahaha :D

Happy~~~!! ^_^

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L said...

Lovely post :) :) :) :) it's my pleasure and just ate the cupcake you gave me. yummo!