Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Felt like having a White Christmas this year, so I went kinda overboard with decorations :P
Bought a new warm white Christmas lights, some new white and red ornaments for the Xmas tree and bought some Christmas ornament crafts from Riot Art & Craft store to decorate around the house! (the paper ornaments weren't expensive, they were only 2-3 dollars each!)

Initially, I bought them just to paint them in white. Just for the fun of it really because I haven't been painting for a long long time. Bought some round ones, star shape, tear shape and a reindeer! Picture above was me painting the reindeer in white last week! I uses Jo Sonja White paint on them.

Tadaa!! All white!

Honestly, after painting them.. I don't really like the outcome of it because it looks patchy and it kinda brings the look down a bit.. I want it to look classier.. think of it for a while and I thought hey! I can cover them with white sand or something!

Okay.. where can I can white sand?? Any beach here in Perth has white sand? haha It is going to be so difficult.. hahahaha so I changed my plan to have the glitters instead. Probably a cheaper option too! :P

Sticking the glitters together :)

It's pretty easy thing to do, probably it's just a bit messy. Just get some craft glue, brush & cover all over it then dab the glitters to it. Then hang and let it dry.

Tadaa!! All done! All painted and covered with glitters!

Can't really tell a difference in the photo but in real life, it looks much better!!

But then I thought.. I can do more to it.. it looks quite plain.. they need some colours don't you think?

So I went to my crafts bag (Yeap, my bag full of art stuff that I have since young) and dug out some ribbons!

I think ribbons is the best way to give the ornament a little lift!

A scarf for the reindeer!

Some ribbons on the others! I even have feathers on one of them!

Yay!! All done!!!
My favourite is the one with the feather and candy cane! But my friend seems to like the round one with the blue ribbon :D

Can't wait til Christmas!!! I think I'm gonna play Christmas songs everyday from now.. :D

Have you decorated your Christmas Tree yet? :)


Bryt said...

gorgeous! I love white Christmas decorations, am thinking along the same lines for our tree. Finally went out and got ours this afternoon (we do a real tree each year, love the smell). And got my first batch of gingerbread whipped up tonight, definitely starting to get on a roll!

Jo Serwey said...

OMG Bryt! You gotto show me!!! I never have a real Christmas Tree before! Where did you get them? Do they sell in a mini size? hehe
Show me your decorations!

amy said...

I am beyond impressed! The deer is so adorable and pretty looking.

It would be nice -- to get the family together, Make our christmas decorations.

Happy holidays Lovely

sending you happy spells

Bryt said...

There's Christmas tree farms in Swan Valley and south of the river :) Lol, I looked for mini actually, wanted one for my bf's apartment too. They have 4-5foot sizes, but we ended up getting a 6-7 foot tree. Will post photos next week :)

Anonymous said...

Great decorations! I've always had real trees - love the smell too! But this year space is at a premium, so a small potted one from Bunnings will have to do. But, does anyone know where I can get Christmas decals in Perth? I think I've left it too late for online and I hate trudging round shops, so if you know of anywhere...

Jo Serwey said...

Thanks Amy! Wish you an Early Merry Christmas! Have fun decorating! :D

Hi Margaret! I remember there's the wall stickers shop in Freo Market! Maybe you can go there and have a look. and here's the link! :D Hope you can find a pretty ones for Christmas! :)