Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dinner @ Sake Bar, Northbridge

Found Sake Bar Restaurant by surprise while I was walking along Francis Street yesterday!
I stopped and look at it carefully, Sake Bar?? Since when this is here and I don't know about it?!

Then I saw the Flowers and stuff and immediately knew this place opened just recently. I had a peep in the restaurant and it look absolutely like JAPAN!! OMG it's impressive!

So happened that I was planning to have dinner with my cousin Jil that night (it's her last day in Perth), so I thought why not try out this place? I went to pick her up and went there at around 8pm. Got in and still feeling impressed by the interior. A whole cupboard of Sake!

A nice sleek looking bar. Love it... LOVE IT!

Then you walk further in, you will see on the left of the restaurant, a stretch of floor seating tables enclosed by sliding wooden doors. There are a number of these rooms which I believe can be joined together to form a large function room. Maybe I'll have my birthday here next year! :D

The photo below is how the restaurant look like on the left :P

See the booths on the right?? Yea, we sat there after we requested it :P

For just 2 of us, I think we ate quite alot of food! First, we had cocktail to try.
I forgot the name of it because Jil ordered it. I think it is called Cherry Blossom or something like it :P

Now food time.
First up! Tori Karaage $10. This is my taste test dish always whenever I go to any Japanese Restaurant. So far, there are only a few restaurants that impressed me with this dish. I can say Sake Bar's Tori Karaage is on my list now. I like the flavour & the juiciness of the chicken. The plus side is the wasabi mayo sauce. yum.

Aburi Sushi 6 pieces $19
I am absolutely loving this plate of sushi. It is definitely not a normal sushi! The sushi was soft, the rice done just right, the seafood on top of it was seared to perfection. Then some sprinkles of truffle sea salt to give it a pop of saltiness.. OMG I want the sushi again!

Zaru Soba $10
Typical Cold Soba. I'm not an expert at it but love the dipping sauce for the noodles! Jil and I nearly wanted to drink the whole bowl of it! We stopped ourselves of course.. :P

Zucchini Flower Tempura $23.80
Honestly, not many restaurants do Zucchini Flower in Perth except for those fine dining restaurant. I was really happy to find it here!

Zucchini flower was stuffed with tofu, parmesan cheese and shitake mushroom.

Then we go for the desserts.
Black Sesame Ice Cream and Fresh watermelon cube pudding.

The dessert wasn't really that impressive. In fact it was kinda normal. I was hoping for a nice decorating plate of dessert but obviously I was hoping for too much here! hahaha
Ice cream was good! Very smooth for sure. Creamy and not overly sweet :) I like it.
As for the watermelon pudding, maybe a no for me. To me, it's just like watermelon cut up in cubes. Don't know where is the pudding :\

After dessert, Jil and I decided to have another dish! I know we are a bit crazy but because we were having such a great night, we stayed longer and order another dish!

Crispy Salmon Skin and Ponzu Sauce.
Looks nice definitely! It is crispy but taste wise.. I think I need some salty pop. Taste is quite bland so you really have to dip ponzu sauce with it :)

Overall, I enjoyed it really much! Good company, good price, good food (some of it), good service, good atmosphere! Love it! Perth finally have a restaurant that impressed me! (interior wise haha)
By the way, I did asked the waitress when did Sake Car open, because I didn't know about it! Apparently, it was the first day open to public when I was there yesterday! :D

So, when are you going to try out this place? :)

Sake Bar Restaurant
71, Francis Street
Ph 9328 3380

Open Lunch & Dinner
Tuesday - Sunday

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Captain Chuck Sparrow said...

Next Tuesday For me! Thank you for your review... you've made me look forward to this more now :)

Jo Serwey said...

haha I like the interior but hopefully the service can be a bit faster this time! :D Enjoy ur lunch or dinner!

Dan Uni said...

Just had a nice snack and a sake there.

Amazing quality of service, offering and design for Perth.

Watch out Nobu, Sake is coming for you!